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Two dogs attack cat and woman hiking near Salt Lake City. Cat lost. — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Michael Broad,

    Thank you for this article. However you have info wrong. For the record, Denali did have a cat pack with us. He was in the cat pack and I have photos to prove for most of the hike. He was taken out of the pack so he could sniff and explore while still on harness and leash. He was out of his pack for a few minutes when the unleashed dogs came around the corner. I immediately picked him up as the dogs lunged at us. Unfortunately, there was no time to put him back in the pack, so I did the next best step- which was pick him and hold him high up. The dogs were jumping up my body assaulting me, trying to get to Denali. The woman had no leash, and zero control on her dogs. She basically stood there like an idiot- then left the scene of the crime.

    Please reframe your story to reflect this information.

    Thank you

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