Two dogs played tug of war with declawed cat

Two dogs played tug of war with declawed cat

by Rochelle Segle
(Toronto, Ohio)

I have several cats in my house. In the county that I live in there is no place that will take a cat. No shelters, rescue sites or anything. So when someone decides that they have a litter of kittens that they don’t want or a cat they don’t want they just take it out and dump it somewhere. Of course that is where I step in. If I find them or someone that knows me finds them they end up at my house.

With that said I have encountered many things with regards to cat/kittens. The one that bothers me the most is when one of these babies gets a claw caught on something, (curtain, bed spread, etc. etc.) The cries of pain and fear are enough to make your heart stop. That being said, I would NEVER declaw any of my cats. (short of medical emergency).

Once a month I take a day when I sit on my couch with a small pair of regular toenail clippers, and trim all the cats nails. Just a simple clip of the hook (front paws only) and no more getting snagged on things.

I had to have back surgery not long ago and I have one kitten in particular that is VERY needy to being held. I knew I would not be able to pick him up for a while after surgery so I taught him to climb up my leg so I could hold him.

Well one day, right after I had clipped nails, he came to me wanting to be held so I patted my leg to let him know to climb up and found he was not able to climb well because of the nail trimming.

So for those of you that don’t see anything wrong with declawing your feline friends, if they would get outside they will NOT be able climb a tree to escape an attack. I know someone that had their cat declawed vowing that it would NEVER go outside.

Needless to say one day he managed to slip out the door and run. Later that afternoon she heard a lot of noise outside and to her surprise when she looked out, there were 2 dogs playing tug o war with her cat. She wasn’t in very good spirits when she had to bury the 2 halves of her cat. He didn’t have a chance. I was particularly upset about this because he was one of the first rescues that I had found a home for.


Hi Rochelle.. thanks for a powerful article. And well done for saving lives. I changed the title. I hope you don’t mind. It is taken from your text and it conjures up a horrible and powerful image that might deter some people from declawing their cats.

Read a much earlier article by me (3 years ago) in which I recite two fictional stories based on true events (to protect the person) in which cats have been killed because they are defenseless when declawed: Declaw Cats

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Two dogs played tug of war with declawed cat

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Jun 30, 2011 this is terrible
by: Anonymous

I always thought it was wrong to take a cat’s means of self defense away from it. It also sickens me that some one will go so far as to insult canines simply for being canines and a predator animal, just like cats. Let’s fix the real problem, the humans themselves. All animals have value, a cat is no better than a dog, a dog is no better than a cat. Both have their pros and cons. And a human has no right to insult or ruin the lives of either.

Jun 27, 2011 How sickening!
by: N.Fox

l just read the comment from the ohio woman she is an angel good on u love but as for the rest of the lowlife shelfish scumbags that live in ur county l will remember this what u said that there are no cat shelters and that no one wants to take care of a cat as far as lm concerned cats are far more intelligent than any dog and they dont stink or bark or lick which l hate and are more loyal and loving than any flea bag mutt when l ever meet up with anyone from ur area in my country l will ask them straight out if they like cats if they dont then u better run as fast as u can from me as l will cut u down to size in front of anyone that happens to be around as lm a cat lover this is my fav animal and my least fav is a smelly dumb useless flea bag mutt:)oh dont try and run me down by my spelling cause if u do that proves how pathetic u are!

Jan 27, 2011 A clawless cat is a dead cat… :'(
by: Maggie

This is a sad article, but it is such a significant reality that most people seem to ignore. A cat without claws has no way to defend itself, if attacked, even by a fellow cat, it will most likely die or be injured. This risk is just not worth taking. Perhaps when you home your rescued cats you should educate the new owners about the truth of declawing and how incredibly cruel it is.

You’re a good person for rescuing the unwanted cats. Keep up the wonderful work!

Jan 27, 2011 That is so horrible
by: Ruth

Rochelle what happened to that poor declawed cat made my blood run cold because it probably happens many times but we never hear about it.
No one can be certain their cat will never get outside and this was what I was trying to say in an article I wrote a while back.

Maybe you would kindly put your comment on there too so anyone reading it would see it really does happen !
Cats occasionally do catch their claws in things just as our children snag their nails in things, but no one would have their child’s nails removed, they’d simply trim them.
Some good strong scratching posts and some scratching pads around enable cats to keep their claws in good shape and excercises their muscles too.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 27, 2011 Claws are essential
by: Michael

I think people forget how essential claws are to a cat. You can’t just pick and choose what piece of anatomy to remove from a companion animal.

As Finn said, why not de-tooth as well? Why stop there? Let’s modify something else – cat breeders often do through selective breeding.

Some Advice on Surgically Improving Your Cat

We really must leave the cat alone, let it be what it is meant to be, what nature created for a good reason. In our arrogance we think we can play God with other animals even those we consider to be family members. It never ceases to shock and surprise me.

And I am shocked and disgusted by the death of this cat. A terrifying and unnecessary death caused by the ignorant and arrogant behavior of the cat’s caretaker. This person was probably a good cat caretaker except for one essential and fundamental fault – she thinks declawing is acceptable. For me that makes them a bad cat caretaker.

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