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Two domestic dogs kill three cats in Orange Park, Florida and the owner doesn’t know where they are

Beware of dog

This is a story about careless dog ownership or worse. The video explains it all but I have to add some words to please Google. In this instance a dog owner (believed by me based on the video to be Alan Baughman) has allegedly allowed his dogs to roam freely around the neighbourhood in Orange Park, Florida, USA. This person doesn’t know where their dogs are because they can’t find them. And nobody else can at the moment either (they might have succeeded at the time of this post). But perhaps, as I dictate this article the dogs are still free roaming around the neighbourhood terrorising other animals and perhaps the residents. Animal Control were and perhaps are looking for them.

Two dogs attack cats in Orange Park Florida

A reporter from First Coast News was unable to get a response or comment from the dogs’ owner at his residence (see video). A security camera shows the dogs attacking a domestic cat sitting on a table in the front porch of his home. Mercifully, First Coast News have removed that part of the video which shows the actual killing or that part has been removed by someone else. The cat’s owner describes the loss of her cat in the video.

One of the dogs


The me it is disturbing as I am sure that it is for many other people. Another disturbing aspect of this case is that below the video on YouTube there are three comments two of which support the dogs in their killing of this cat. The third simply remarks, “sadness”.

You can see the state of affairs with respect to people’s opinions about domestic and feral cats in America. A lot of people don’t like cats particularly feral cats. It is disturbing because outside cats are vulnerable and I consistently read that one of the main reasons why cat owners keep their cats indoors all the time is because of potential attacks by cat hating people. Clearly, attacks by free-roaming domestic dogs are also a concern.

Was this a case of careless dog ownership or did the dogs’ owner deliberately let them run wild?

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  • Free-roaming and feral dogs that attack wildlife are shot on sight in rural areas--IT'S THE LAW. The same is done for ANY stray cat. Someone was stupid enough to dump an all black cat in my area a couple of days ago. It died this morning from a .22 gunshot as soon as it was spotted again. No need for dogs to take out the excess cats because there are no excess dogs for the task either. A well aimed gun solves both problems easily with a 1-cent bullet each and every time.

    Love them or lose them!! It's your OWN FAULT if your own animal dies beyond your supervision. Make NO MISTAKE about that! It's THE PET OWNER'S FAULT. If your cat dies by animal attack, becoming road-kill, poison, or by gunshot ... IT IS ___YOUR___ FAULT ... AND NO OTHERS'!

    Time for you ALL to grow-up and start to talk and behave like responsible adults. I won't hold my breath. Holding a gun to shoot your ALL your stray cats is better and FAR more productive.

    • In my view (1) you committed a crime and (2) you are an asshole and cruel. And it is time for you to grow up but there is no chance of that. None at all. We'll just have to wait for you to die to make the world a bit better.

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