Two golden tigers, a snow tiger and white tiger raised by a dog (picture)

This is a striking photograph of a dog mothering four rare tiger cubs: two golden tigers, a snow tiger and a white tiger. It’s in China. I just think it makes a fantastic photograph. The coat contrasts are amazing. You will note that there appears to be a puppy at the end of the queue on the right hand side. I wonder whether this puppy belongs to the mother. I think (s)he does.

Dog mothers four rare tiger cubs of different coats

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P.S. One downside: these cubs were bred in captivity and inbred almost certainly so in reality the background to this photo is not good. It is exploitation ultimately. If I am incorrect please tell me.

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4 thoughts on “Two golden tigers, a snow tiger and white tiger raised by a dog (picture)”

  1. The mothers are captive. Taking away the cubs so early means the mothers are likely to come on oestrus quickly and will breed again. Fostering the cubs on a dog means they will be handled by humans from that early stage (which is impossible if they are left with the mother).

  2. I agree Michael, the backstory to the photo probably isn’t a happy one.

    Where are the mother tigers? Killed by hunters, drugged-up and exploited for ‘visitor experiences’ with tourists? Or is it the usual story at some zoos/sanctuaries, where the mother is often deprived of her off-spring so that staff can hand-raise them to use as ‘ambassadors’.


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