Two inch cat hairball in cat owner’s vagina. How it happened.

Hairball in women's vagina

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This is the extraordinary story of how a 2 inch cat hairball developed in a cat owner’s vagina. I know the title is a little bit disturbing. It is not meant to be click bait. I’ll try and keep this as dry and as factual as possible to take some of the heat out of the topic!

Michelle Barrow has two cats. Their names are Cricket and Donut. Her partner is a man. They have sex like any other normal couple and he does not use a condom. She is not very good at making up the bed in the morning.

Her cats like to sleep on the bed where of course they deposit some of their fur. Both Michelle and her partner sleep nude. The theory is that Michelle’s partner picked up cat hair on his penis. When he had sex with Michelle he deposited that hair into her vagina. Over time a hairball formed inside her.

The process was facilitated, it seems, because the hair became entangled in her intrauterine device (IUD coil), which is a contraceptive. It is a small T-shaped plastic and copper device which stops the sperm and egg from surviving in the womb or fallopian tubes.

Strings are attached to the device which allows the woman to check that it is in place. The cat hair got tangled up with the strings.


Michelle suffered pains in her abdomen and was checked out by a gynaecologist. Initially the gynaecologist thought that used tampons had become entangled with the strings of the intrauterine device.

The doctor tried to remove the object but struggled to do so and therefore had to cut into it. Eventually a two-inch bundle of fur was dragged out of the woman’s vagina. It was the same colour as the coat of her cat, Donut. As soon as she saw it she realised that it was cat hair.

“Holy shit that is cat hair. There has been a ball of cat hair inside me for a month, that is cat hair and it was in my vagina. A hairball has been causing my discomfort. Holy shit!”

The object was sent to a laboratory for testing and the result came back as a foreign object. Michelle developed her theory about how the hairball formed which is described above.


The story was posted on the Internet and unsurprisingly a lot of people didn’t believe it. But Michelle swears that it is true and she makes the point that she would not have made up a story about something so sensitive.

Since it happened Michelle has become more attentive about cleaning her sheets. It was reported ( that she now “forces” her cat to sleep in the basement. I’m not sure that she forces them to sleep elsewhere. Perhaps she encourages them but it would be a shame if that was the case. Surely there is a better solution but I don’t want to discuss the options 😉 .

After the “event” sex with her partner was “definitely touch-and-go”. Her partner was a little bit turned off at the time but I guess things have settled down now. Michelle wishes that she had taken a photograph of the object! It would have been the most bizarre cat related picture in the history of the Internet!

I would certainly rank this story is the most bizarre cat related story that I have encountered after working on my website for 11 years.

6 thoughts on “Two inch cat hairball in cat owner’s vagina. How it happened.”

  1. Should be re-titled a case study of human pigs.
    While not for fear of this my cats are only allowed to sleep on a duvet cover on the bed. Never under the blankets. I would never shoo them away or lock them out. As my companion animals they are free to share our bed.

    • Mine comes under the covers sometimes but….the circumstances are not the same and so this bizarre event can’t happen at my home (I live alone).

  2. Good grief!

    I believe it, but would question the wisdom of shunting the cats to the basement. Cats should not suffer due to a human not being able to air and make a bed.

    “I’ll try and keep this as dry….”



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