Two Little Mates! – Lola and Leandro

by Ruth
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Loves to sit on Mum's hand

Pic taken within an hour of meeting

Leandro on Mums bed

Little lovers!

I have always loved cats and had a black and white tom called Jack for 17 years. His later years were shared with my mothers cavalier spaniel as we lived with her. When Jack died I didn't want to introduce a little kitten to a house with an elderly dog. Sadly my Mum passed away in 2008 and Harry her dog died last year. My children had often said I should get a kitten. The thing that made me unsure was that my husband and I are separating and the house is for sale, so ideally I thought it maybe best to wait until I move.

Anyway out of the blue a friend told me of a gorgeous little kitten coming to see the children in the school where she teaches. She said it would be lovely for me. She sent me a picture and sure enough the kitten was so cute. Still unsure for reasons above, I remembered my brother had been thinking of getting a kitten for his little girl. I messaged him to ask if he still wanted a kitty and to my surprise he said yes. However this is where it all went wrong - the kitten came to me to look after until my brother had time off work and when I saw her I fell completely in love with her and couldn't give her up! Luckily my brother hadn't mentioned the kitten to his little girl and he now has a black and white called Charlie.

I think little Lola was meant to be and she now has a mate a long haired tabby called Leandro. They are such soul mates and really enjoy each others company. Someone has said to me that he looks maine coon mix -so if anyone here can comment on that I'd be interested. True enough when I chose him from the internet I saw a photo of the parent cat (mother I think) and she was ENORMOUS!

Anyway that's their story and I'm glad I have them now. I've learnt from this site that Lola can be described as dilute calico or dilute tortie/white which I never knew before either. Life is becoming richer by sharing it with my new companions!

Here are a couple of photos


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Two Little Mates! - Lola and Leandro

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Oct 08, 2011
by: Doodah

My cat looks just like yours and surprise surprise her name is Lola but responds better to Kitty. She is 9 years old. She is my girlfriend. She was my daughters and a rescue cat from the pound. But my daughter moved across the country for school. So she became mine. She is affectionate and is always calling me to come play with her. A few months ago she almost died from kidney renal failure. But after a good vet she seems fine after we changed her diet to Fancy Feast canned food and Science diet Kibbles. Making sure she gets plenty of water. Good luck with your kitty.

Sep 05, 2011
Thanks for comments
by: Ruth

Ruth and Michael - thanks for your comments. They are both good looking cats. Actually I've noticed Lola's colouring becoming less defined as she is getting older this is most noticeable on the photo taken when the 2 kittens first met - at that stage the markings on Lola's face were darker. Leandro does have a lot of ear fluff and even has the little black tips on his ears and he has quite big paws. He has brown tabby markings and his tummy is a lovely, almost caramel colour - under his chin is a paler cream but he has no actual white on him. It's hard to see in photos - I always have a problem with my models. They usually move when I produce the camera and the rest of my family seem to end up with the best pictures! Thanks again

Sep 05, 2011
Gorgeous kittens
by: Ruth

Hello Ruth, I too enjoyed reading your story and think Lola and Leandro are absolutely gorgeous !
I love the photos of them together.
It's much more fun for a kitten to grow up with a playmate, our 2 cats are 10 years old now. Walter came first but he was such a naughty kitten that our older cat hated him, but when Jozef came along, just a month different in age, they played together,slept together etc.
You'll have hours of pleasure with those two in your life !

Sep 05, 2011
Hi Ruth
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your story. Yes, Lola is a calico cat. She looks like a dilute calico as you say. They are very attractive cats and Lola is no exception. I say "looks like" because as a kitten she is a classic dilute calico but in later photos she looks less dilute.

Leandro might have some Maine Coon in him. He has a lot of ear hair and that is a feature of the Maine Coon. He is a grey/brown tabby and white cat as far as I can see.

I love to see cats getting on so well. Nice photos.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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