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Two Major Differences Between Domestic and Wild Cat Ancestor — 3 Comments

  1. Very interesting and enlightening to know that the northern wildcats are polyestrus and not the domestic which has their estrus cycles in January and February.I did own a cat that had been fathered by a true wild cat breed. I wonder if he was destined to roam more than he did ; had he not been neutered?
    I know males do not have menstrual cycles-but could he have been a secret Don Juan in disguise.Eva

  2. I love articles of yours like this (and you provide so many of them too!), that so clearly reveal that you don’t even have the education level of a 10-year-old. Lots of species, from insects to reef-life to birds, even some plants, have 19-pairs of chromosomes. By your reasoning they can all mate to produce viable offspring. Tell me, are the horse and donkey the same species? They can mate and reproduce. Note: that is a question usually reserved for 3rd-graders in grammar-school. There is a question-challenge TV show in the USA called “Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader?” They’d have to change that to “3rd-Grader” for the one you appeared on.


    Perhaps you should stick to articles for which you are personally educated. Like … Oh, I don’t know … how to let a cat hump your arm and then tell the world how much you like it and that there’s nothing wrong with bestiality while all your site-members agree with you. ROFLMAO!!

    • So sick of you, Jim.
      Reef birds, as well as any other birds, have no mentality at all. They’re too stupid not to place themselves in harms way, whether it be from a cat, snake, or a human.
      It seems that you are as much a protector of birds as we are cats.
      Why don’t you spend your time finding a way to expand the pea brains of birds rather than hanging out here?
      Be productive.

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