Two men build scaffolding to release cat trapped in apartment window

RUSSIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a cat story from the city of Krasnodar, Russia. It appears that this is a full-time indoor cat living in an apartment. The cat wanted to get out of a window it seems to me. In doing so he became trapped because the window opens horizontally, which forms a wedge-shaped opening as you can see in the photographs. The cat slipped down the wedge and became trapped.

The Daily Mail website reports that the cat was trapped for an hour which concerned passers-by. Someone called the emergency services but they didn’t want to help. So a couple of guys decided to save the cat themselves.

Nearby was some scaffolding on a building site which they used to construct a platform against the apartment building. One guy climbs up the scaffolding and using a scaffolding pole he pushes the cat up the wedge-shaped opening of the window towards the wide apart which released the cat. The cat jumped into his apartment, free at last.

The men are Dennis and Sergei. I am sure, like me, you are very impressed with them for taking the time and trouble to construct some scaffolding and also having the wisdom in knowing that they could release the cat simply by pushing him upwards into a wider part of the wedge-shaped opening.

Sergie’s wife described them as heroes. She posted on social media that, “A cat got stuck. He was meowing for an hour. The emergency services refused to come. Scaffolding was brought from a nearby construction site. The cat was pushed back into the flat.”

Nice job guys. That was not easy. They took responsibility for the rescue. It could have gone wrong and the guy knew it. He pushed the cat very carefully. The cat could have fallen from the window once released but it ended well.

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