Two New Members To My Family

Two New Members To My Family

by Robert

So last night I picked up two purebred Maine Coons from a woman locally who could not care for them anymore. From what I’m told they are only a yr and a half old. But they are HUGE! They weigh 20+ lbs already.

They are very nervous which I’m sure is normal and refuse to get out from under my bed yet. From what I’ve read males should be around 20 lbs but thats when they reach full size around 4 yrs of age.

Should I put them on a diet right away? As soon as they come out from under the bed and I get some good pictures I will upload and share.


Hi Robert….. WOW, two Maine Coon cats and they are both under your bed!…Just joking.

It sounds completely normal to me for them to hide for a bit. < a href=">Patience is the byword as Phil said.

My Charlie hid under my desk and I can tell you that there is very little space indeed under my desk. But he went under it for the first week and then under a pillow on my bed for the next week.

I brought the food to him on the bed – his favorite food. This helped him to gradually settle in, knowing the place served up nice grub.

Which brings me to your question about putting them on a diet already. Personally, I would not. Not yet anyway but would welcome the views of others. Firstly you want to give them their favorite food for a while to make friends etc.

Secondly they may not necessarily be overweight but from what you say they might be! Maine Coon as you probably know are the biggest pure domestic cat (i.e. non-wildcat hybrid) and the largest cat registered at the CFA. They can certainly weight over 20 lbs without being overweight. I can’t see them but I guess you can tell very quickly if they are.

There will be time for a diet if they are overweight once they have settled in. Diets, though, should be handled gently with the long term in mind – meaning a planned and gradual reduction in weight.

I am jealous of you. I love Maine Coon cats. They are the world’s favorite probably.

Give ’em time to get used to the surroundings (6 months or more maybe) and please send me some pictures to add to this page. You can email me at: (substituting the at for a @


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Two New Members To My Family

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Nov 17, 2010 Maine Coons
by: Leah (England)


I agree with Michael its a bit soon to be thinking of diets! Let them start to trust you first!

I have a purebred Maine Coon and I love him dearly he has the most extensive vocabulary. He is highly intelligent but also sensitive. He hates being told off! He is 2 years old and weighs around 15lb but feels heavier when you pick him up. Maine Coons vary greatly with their size and weight so if in doubt I would take them to your vet to be weighed properly.

If you take it steady with them and get them to trust you remembering their intelligence and sensitivity you will be rewarded a hundred fold and you will have the most fantastic companions for life.

By the way are they declawed? I do hope not but if they are this could account for them being so very scared also they will be wondering what has happened to their parents? and why are they with you? They will be very confused.

Please please do not even consider having them declawed. I don’t know how you feel about this subject but please look it up on this website.

I look forward to the photos.

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