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Two nice cat and dog pics

Here are two really nice cat and dog pics by Warren Photographic. The photographer is David Taylor who has given me permission to publish the photographs on this website. I obtained his permission some time ago on condition that I provided a link and/or publicise his business which I am doing today. David Taylor lives in Guildford, Surrey, UK. It seems that he was inspired to take companion animal photographs by his mother, Jane Burton, 74. David says that during the coronavirus pandemic people especially like to look at his photographs because it cheers them up. He reminds us that it is difficult to capture those precious moments when cats and dogs interact in the photographic studio. They are very fleeting and you have to be very quick on the camera shutter release.

Cat and dog pic. Photo: Warren Photographic/Mercury Press.
Cat and dog pic. Photo: Warren Photographic/Mercury Press.

Link to Warren Photographic.

I spent many hours with a cat photographer Helmi Flick in America about 11 years ago. It helps to have one person wrangling the animals while you take the photographs. In fact it is probably essential because you have to position the animals and sometimes entertain them to elicit a sparkle in their eyes and a positioning of their bodies which creates that magical moment. Personally, I prefer lighting which adds a bit of texture to the animals’ fur. David uses a very soft light which for me creates an image which lacks a little bit of sparkle and texture. They are a bit flat but this is an entirely personal choice and observation. Note: I have taken the great liberty in adjusting the two photographs on this page to make them zing a little bit more which I think you have to do on the internet.

It is a misconception that dogs always chase cats as prey animals. When they are raised together and are socialised to each other you get behaviour as you see in these photographs. There are so many wonderful relationships between cats and dogs in households all over the planet. I think it is a particularly nice thing to see. A good relationship between a cat and dog enhances their lives immeasurably.


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