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Two Photos of My Foster Cat — 38 Comments

  1. He’s gorgeous, big and rangy with a lovely coat and more importantly a lovely personality. You will have to do what’s best for you, obviously the more time you’re together the harder it will be to part but if you do part you will know he is going to a carefully chosen and vetted home so will have a good life. If by chance you can’t bear to part with him, well he’s young and healthy and there are such things as boarding catteries…… so in fact, if it is what you decide you want you CAN have your cake and eat it too 😉

    • Thanks Babz for your wise advice. As usual I am torn. He has a beautiful character. When he is fully grown and middle-aged he’ll be a very reliable, super-friendly, undemanding companion. As good as you can get.

      I sort of fancy a two month travelling trip of some sort to break out of the rut and that is too long for a boarding cattery. I could run the site while I travelled.

  2. What a handsome boy and he looks so happy and content with you, sitting on your lap already, he surely knows a true cat lover when he meets one 😉
    Fate will decide whether he stays permanently or you go travelling, it would be nice to hear your stories and see photos from our various PoC family all over the world, I think your feet are a bit itchy Michael! He is young enough to resettle so if you do go away the time will be right when they find him a permanent home.
    Good luck whatever you do.

    • My feet are a bit itchy for a bit of change and travelling to see our PoC friends and their cats would be nice. Although being in a rut isn’t all that bad 😉

      I could also visit organisations like a cat rescue shelter in the USA and even visit a veterinary clinic who declaws and get into a terrible argument about declawing before they boot me out. I’d film it all 😉

      I’d also like to see the community cats of India and the feral cats of Pakistan and so on…..

      I have been to these countries before. I was in India and Pakistan in the early 70s so a long time ago.

      I am not sure about travelling because I am bit tired these days – I’ll be 66 next month.

  3. HA!

    …and you think you are in possession of a cat!

    Methinks a cat might be in possession of you>, dear Michael!

    Just do what comes “Natur’lly”: (I hope you enjoy this lil’ bit ‘o Americana) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1R1-oRO6RY

    Just get that handsome devil his shots, papers, and a nice carrier, and travel with him!

    • There’s an idea. I have never travelled with a cat and it is certainly very possible nowadays. Thanks for the idea. As for “possession”….yes, it is as you describe. It always has been for me.

  4. Oh He’s Gorgeous and a tabby Cat Great Choice…..he’s Lovely….
    So lovely he’s a Quiet Cat. Quiet Cats are lovely. He Blends in lovely with your Decor. So Happy you got someone even if for a wee while to have in the House.

  5. What a beautiful cat and he looks so perfectly content to be with you.

    Michael, how long before “foster” becomes “adopted” 😉

    I think he was sent to your care for a reason.

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