Two Reasons To Stop Unwanted Breeding

Two Reasons To Stop Unwanted Breeding

by Zachariah Atteberry

The two reasons

The two reasons

Written in memory of the black and white cat, that died from a seizure. This is due to back yard breeders. She was a kitten of 5 weeks, her mother ran away. The breeders I'm getting free-spay vouchers from to fix their cats, if they decline I will have to report, as this is not the first time this has happened.

Fore this night, a howling curse
She will not go silently --
Death lies doormat at her heart
At least she won't go violently.

Her pulse shakes the world,
With such agony --
This final hour of her life,
As she turns a thick ebony.

On her legs, last place to fall
The useless sound of crying --
The sting of fear,
In her brief time of dying.

She ask "why do people kill us?"
Remember me, you that has heart
God, turn me into the angel I want to be
Forget me not, even as I depart.

The terror is over,
Her spirit lingers guarding --
The isolated room,
Where life once stood.

a dead kitten from a kitten mill and one alive

From Two Reasons To Stop Unwanted Breeding to Feral Cats

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Two Reasons To Stop Unwanted Breeding

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Dec 23, 2009 Telll us
by: Michael

Zach, it might be nice if you told us a bit about yourself. I would certainly like to know. Your age, schooling, where you live and so on. Of course you can keep that confidential but as I remember you are quite young and it is great for me to have you visit.

Update 29-12-09: Zach's short autobiog

Dec 23, 2009 Bravo,Rudolph
by: Jan Plant

I commend you in your commitment in cat breeding,and your great sense of understanding in the upkeep of a "pet".Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with your specific breed,and would love to see a picture.I will go online in a bit and see what I can gather from there.Living in the South of Texas our animals suffer a great deal from the heat,although our heat is a good deal more arid then yours.I would enjoy being up-dated on your endeavor with your special cats.And thank you for sharing.

by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Zachariah Attebery i truely appreciate your subtle messages through the creative World of poetry.Upbringing of any pet animal is akin to the upkeep of another human in terms of emotional and financial care, hence, responsible breeding of pets is essential to prevent "Puppy or cat mills".I am personally tring to breed a local "Mumbai Traditional Persian cat", totally adjusted and acclimatised to hot and humid climates and partially successful as the first generation locally bred kitten "Matata" is tougher than the local feral cats! Matata has been "Inbred" to his dam "Matahari" and i am waiting to see the resultant offspring and also intend spaying Queen cat Matahari after this breeding.As a "Cat Fancier" i am personally trying to improve the "Traditional Persian breed(Doll-Faced)" to local Indian climatic conditions, solely a "Hobby" and not a "Cat mill".Ultimately, breeders, both of cats and dogs should be responsible for their litters being either adopted or sold to responsible pet owners.

Dec 23, 2009 Zach rules
by: Jan Plant

Zach,I truly love your poems,my only gripe is it takes a few minutes for the lump in my throat to disappear.God Bless You.
As for Anonymous,you dear are a dang fool.No one here or anywhere is denying you the right to breed.If you would actually get OFF your defense mode and actually read,we are fighting against OVER breeding and doing the RESPONSIBLE thing by limiting litters.And please answer me one query,dear,if you can.Why on earth would you choose to bring more lives into this world? So that the feral colony caretakers can look after them when there are no homes for them?So that they can be abused and preyed on by feral dogs?Or targets for the local sadistic brat in the neighborhood?Or so they can populate an already OVER populated world? Hmmm? Well,I will be greatly surprised to receive an answer from someone who has to hide their name anyway.Some of us are proud to speak out on behalf of the cats and be their voice.I acknowledge your right to remain anonymous.To me it spells cowardice.

Dec 23, 2009 Licensing & such for Back Yard Breeding
by: Anonymous

I thought I'd chime in here as there are many different State, County, City laws that can affect these folks. In our area, we rural and have what is called a ''right to farm act" which actually protected a neighbor (several years ago) who was running a Jack Russell puppy mill. I hated seeing this... and I do not agree that this is an ok practice at all.
The thing that worries me is giving the government, whether it be State or Local, too much power over what we can and cannot do with owning our animals. All too often animal rights groups go WAY overboard in trying to take control of the individuals rights. Thank God not all people are without a conscience and many are VERY careful in their breeding, care and homing of the litters they produce. I do NOT agree with any law that would infringe on the decent breeders rights in the name of stopping the criminals. You cannot justify passing laws that punish responsible people in order to control the irresponsible. These types will break the laws that at passed anyway.
I think the answer is tougher punishments for neglect & abuse of animals.
JMHO, but people need to wake up before all of our rights to own animals are taken away, as it is happening slowly all over the country. A little at a time so as no one really notices.

PS I am not a currently a breeder in case anyone is wondering ~ but I certainly do not want anyone telling me I have no right to ever be, should I desire to do so.

Dec 23, 2009 Typo
by: Zach

Ya, I believe I made a slight typo.

Death lays door matted at her door
Would be better as;
Death lies doormat at her heart

I'm getting the vouchers today, and giving them 2-3 more days to fix their cats. If they do not for the final time listen, Im reporting them.

Dec 23, 2009 Backyard Breeders Begone!
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Zach, your poem speaks volumes.

Any chance of reporting them anyway to the authorities? ASPCA?

Don't they have to be licensed to breed cats in your area anyway? It's a business, so that may be a way to stop this nonsense.

Thank you for your passion.

Dec 23, 2009 Your best yet for me
by: Michael

For me, Zach, this is your best poem yet about cats - very moving and told with anger and passion. God, you hate these people and so do I. And you love these vulnerable cats.

And my heart hurts for these cats.

By the way, is there a typo in line 3 of the first verse?

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