Two reasons why some people hate feral cats

two reasons why some people hate the feral cat

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Here are two hidden or underlying reasons why some people hate feral cats. No doubt, there are others. I has always surprised me that for some people the feral cat is at the opposite end of the spectrum to the domestic cat. They can hate the former and love the latter, yet they are the same species of animal.

Reason 1

To some, it is obvious that we are not that good at caring for the environment. Even the most arrogant, self-centered and narrow minded among us will find it hard to deny that we are poor guardians of the planet that sustains us. We are making a bit of a mess of it. We won’t admit it but we feel guilty particularly because we can’t change our ways. At present, we appear to be incapable of doing something about the way we abuse the planet, its natural resources and environment.

So what do we do? We blame something or someone else. The human animal passes the buck to an non-human animal that is considered an outsider. All outsiders even humans are shunned and criticised. They are not part of the group.

Feral cats are an ideal scape goat for human transgressions that mess up the environment. Blame the feral cat. What is particularly galling and guilt-making is that we created the feral cat through our carelessness and throw away mentality.

The feral cat is but one animal that takes the rap for our misdemeanors with respect to looking after the planet together with the other species of animal that share it with us.

Detractors declare that the feral cat spreads disease and kills millions of native species. These people are blind to their own prejudices, neuroses and weaknesses.

Reason 2

People have preconceived ideas of what they like and what they believe is right. Take food. If it does not fit in with what they like it becomes trash. People do tend to have fixed ideas about all sorts of things and then the mind remains closed to other options and ideas. What does not fit in, is out. Literally thrown out.

Does that remind you of something? Abandoned cats. Relinquished cat to shelters to be euthanised. People do have fixed ideas about fluffy, cute family members that are cats. They don’t want to open their minds to a much more complete knowledge of the cat.

If a person has a fixed and closed notion that the cat is a cute, fluffy creature that decorates the home, they will detest the dirty, scrawny feral cat that is outside the home; the outsider.

The solution is to open the mind and educate the brain.

Photo by Michael Newton

14 thoughts on “Two reasons why some people hate feral cats”

  1. HI Dee, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad this site is here and I know there are like-minded folks out there in the world who feel as I do. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in the situation I’m going through now. I understand some cat colonies can get out of hand/too large (cats -and dogs-had to be removed from the Gallapagos Islands, I agree with the need to remove those cats it was having a major impact on a fragile eco system). But these are two males left over from a “colony” that was never any bigger than 4. No one is eating off the land nearby so these cats are not pooping in someone’s crops, etc. And again, who has a bigger impact on the land than man? This guy drives a monster truck that sounds like it needs a new muffler, who knows what pollutants he’s spewing. PS: while I’m at it, look at the poor beaver! Its treated like a “pest” now because it builds dams indiscriminately. Well guess who builds dams that stops water flow by the billions of gallons, effecting people and wild life eco-systems down stream so someone can have a green golf course or a water park? M-A-N. It just make me sad. Sad and angry. Oh well. I wish I could take these two cats inside but I have 3 cats in a small condo already, I can’t officially adopt any more. Well, you have a nice Labor Day weekend!

  2. Thank you for this post. I needed it today, feeling low, and I agree with your observations, you articulated a lot of what I couldn’t. I know it is an old post but hope my comment will be accepted. “What does not fit in, is out.” I live in narcissistic superficial, trendy Silicon Valley and more and more I feel like the old timer with the old dog in “Of Mice and Men.” Have lived in my condo over 13yrs and no one ever ratted to the HOA that I fed 4 fixed feral cats.(I have helped home so many others, those that could be homed.)Now I am down to 2 old toms and a new “yuppie” type couple moved in diagonally across from me and the guy is all polite and smiles while badgering me to stop feeding these last 2 because “its a public area and they bring fleas and disease.” I moved one cat to another feeding area per his request but hoped if I picked up food and other signs of his existence more carefully after the one on my door step it would be enough of an improvement. No. Another knock on the door. Its not about picking up the food before nightfall or cleaning up the poop. Its the fleas–he insists the fleas are assaulting him every time he leaves his house. A)I doubt it and B) its the OUTDOORS. It has bugs. And if it doesn’t stop “I’ll have to contact HOA”. Said with a smile I’d like to wipe off his face. Meanwhile, he owns a yappy dog that I have never complained about, because I am “live and let live”. But HOA will side with him, I’m nothing but an aging outlaw “catwoman” – trying to survive in an over crowded area with manic values, that is building on every available postage stamp sized lot these days, bull dozers tearing up the earth for profit, adding to congestion for the sake of the almighty $- while trying to offer food to two apparently worthless Toms. This couple is everything I can’t stand about this valley: unforgiving, no heart. If its not young, sanitized, trendy and the latest and you’re not keeping up its “wrong”. That’s how I feel some days and I think feral cats have become a symbol of that, just like the aging dog in “Of Mice and Men.” Shoot it, euthanize it. It doesn’t belong, it serves no purpose, put it out of OUR misery. (A feral cat survives for its own sake, not ours. I think that angers a lot of people who feel they should control everything in their environment. A cat does not exist for them.)And by the same token…if its human, price it out of the valley if it doesn’t fit in and conform. Ironically, trendy ol Silicon Valley has been and still is home to many industries (including military–though I’m not trying to wax political here!) that have done much to destroy the environment locally and abroad. And yes, some of this money-making chaos includes indirectly the promoting of disease and fleas elsewhere! But its so much easier to focus on a poor frumpy old cat and make it the scapegoat isn’t it? Rather than look at our own part in the planets woes. PS: I believe in fixing cats, and I prefer they live indoors these days for the sake of the birds -and they’re own safety, people are cruel- but the ferals are no more dirty and diseased then the rest of nature- nature is sloppy and beautiful and imperfect. Unfortunately this valley is all about money, shopping mauls, clogged dirty highways, smog, and owning the latest piece of manufactured shiny-ness to prove you’re own worthiness in the eyes of your fellow consumers. Those of us barely keeping up, such as little old ladies and cats are looked down on. Very sad. Thank you for your words, I so relate.

    • Hi Dana. I love your comment. You are like me. That’s for sure. I can empathise with everything you write. What I’d like to do is convert your comment to an article. I think it will do just fine because a lot of people have similar thoughts to yours.

      I’ll publish it as an article to day and, of course, you’ll be the named author. Thanks again.

    • Dana, you comment is amazing. You covered so many areas that I hold dear – and, are truthful. I just loved it.
      You have a sound knowledge of ferals. I’m so impressed and look forward to an article done by Michael.
      Thank you so much for being here.


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