Rescue Kitty

by Victoria
(Columbia MO US)

Now I know the primary breed of the rescue kitty my friend brought me on a sub-zero night this past winter.

Very loving, and can’t stand for me to be out of his sight. Hence the name, Shadow.

He looks so much like the pictures in this post. I have no doubt he’s at least a good part Tiffany.



by Paula Lobo
(Portugal, Algarve)

Well, I named him king.

He was starving, in pain and abandoned on a street in Algarve, Portugal.

Funny isn´t it? How did he get there? I am still wondering…

So, because he was in pain I took him in and took him to the vet also who said he had terrible ear problems which are being taken care of now, so “King” is already getting better, but I just still wonder how does a cat like this appear in Portugal, Algarve?

He is only 5 month old! And one of the rarest cats in the world!

Funny isn´t it?

Well that is my story with king, a home cat now who loves to play but is still being treated because his hair is falling off very frequently…

I wonder why?

He is already on a special food regimen, from Royal Canin, sensitive stomachs…

But he does´t seam to get better…

Thanks for your attention.

I hope I can show you a photograph soon!

Paula Lobo

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