Two Savannah Cat Videos

Two Savannah Cat Videos

Here are two Savannah cat videos that I need to have on this site. Sometimes I discover stuff on my hard drive that has been left over from previous work and which should not have been left behind.

Accordingly, I occassionally go over images etc. from years ago just to make sure that I am using media efficiently that has been made available to me.

I feel that the first video is a really exceptional outtake. It shows Andreas, the son of Martin Stucki and Kathrin Stucki with Magic who at the time was the Guinness World Record’s tallest domestic and as I remember it, the world’s largest domestic cat. She was certainly the world’s most exotic and well known domestic cat. She was raised by Martin and Kathrin at A1 Savannahs.

Here’s the outtake:

The next video shows three charming and classy Savannah kittens, playing rough together.

The boy in the middle is Focus, an F1 (first generation from the wild cat serval); and the kittens left and right are F2 kittens. I don’t know their names, sorry.

These guys play rough and noisy but perhaps that is part of the wildcat hybrid character. I like it. Although when I heard it I was a bit concerned.

I produced both these videos. The kitten one was made from my material and the Magic/Andreas one is from video material provided by Kathrin Stucki.

Incidentally, I filmed the kitten video with a Canon D7 still camera that has 1080 video recording facility. The video is small here but it can be very large indeed and still look fine.

The other video was filmed with a Flip camcorder (720p).

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