Two sister cats hug each other at an animal shelter

I have never seen this before between two cats. It is absolutely charming. It seems that the senior sister is comforting the junior sister. It’s quite amazing to look at it and perhaps the stress of being at the shelter in a cage resulted in this behaviour. We are told that they have been rehomed together which is wonderful news.

Cat sisters in shelter cage hug each other

For me, it reinforces my belief (and what is regarded as general knowledge now) that cats do have quite advanced emotions and this should be recognised by everybody as it should enable people to respect the domestic cat more. Greater respect leads to better cat welfare.

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Two sister cats hug each other at an animal shelter — 3 Comments

  1. I have seen feral cats doing this. Family bonds in cats can be very strong. Frog and Toad are found like this several times a day. I hope these sweethearts found a home together.

  2. Michael, that is soooooo sweet!! Purraying that they were, indeed, adopted together. AND. . .if they are females, that makes them quite unusual in that 90 to 95% of gingers are male!! I had one female ginger who has since crossed the bridge. . .Gingers are so sweet!! And I agree with you on your last comments about cats having advanced emotions — I see it in mine EVERY day!! I have actually gotten to where I can get them to talk back to me when I speak to them. . . granted, I don’t understand (LOL), but the communication line is VERY open!! ♥♥♥

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