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Two sister cats hug each other at an animal shelter — 3 Comments

  1. I have seen feral cats doing this. Family bonds in cats can be very strong. Frog and Toad are found like this several times a day. I hope these sweethearts found a home together.

  2. Michael, that is soooooo sweet!! Purraying that they were, indeed, adopted together. AND. . .if they are females, that makes them quite unusual in that 90 to 95% of gingers are male!! I had one female ginger who has since crossed the bridge. . .Gingers are so sweet!! And I agree with you on your last comments about cats having advanced emotions — I see it in mine EVERY day!! I have actually gotten to where I can get them to talk back to me when I speak to them. . . granted, I don’t understand (LOL), but the communication line is VERY open!! ♥♥♥

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