Two visitors say lion would beat tiger in a fight

Two visitors say lion would beat tiger in a fight

by Lucifer

A tiger is king in the his jungle but the lion is king of all beasts. After all the Panthera Leo Persica invaded Bengal tiger territory. Lions’s bite for up to 18 minutes, and have been recorded to prey upon a cape Buffalo for 24 hours. Two lions can take down an adult bull elephant, white/black rhino. Lions fight with other lions during meals, they must form coalitions as older lions will simply kill them. A lion does not have the luxury to escape into the forest, swim up a river or climb a tree like a tiger it stands its ground in the open savannah. The weight estimates are incorrect lions have been recorded up to 300 kg in the wild and 380 kg captive, though at the top level about the same weight and size as a tiger but usually taller. A lions skull is longer more dense than a tiger skull.

Lions face much fiercer competition, Nile crocodile white/black rhino, bull elephant, black mamba, drought, sport hunting. The level of success can be measured by historic territorial range, the greatest of any predator and big cats.


Hi Lucifer… the weights that I have from the most respected work on the wildcats tells us that the max. lion weight is 216kg. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lion is the powerful one

By Sabeer, Dubai

Lion is the more powerful animal than a tiger, as a result if a lion strongly hit it measures 2 pounds, normally hits measures 1.5 pounds, tiger strong hitting measure 1.5 pounds and normal hitting measures 1pounds,but the tiger is weight and longest and taller than lion, but it cant stand fight infront of lion, lions having strong stamina and powerful attack, lion never get tired when it fight with any animal, lion doesn’t have any predators.Why people supporting for a tiger? Because tiger is cute than a lion,so people used to support tiger, but the real fact is lion will win against tiger,,so only it referred as a king of the animal.

Hi Sabeer.. thanks for your opinion. What does “normally hits measures 1.5 pounds” mean?

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Two visitors say lion would beat tiger in a fight

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Sep 12, 2011
Heaviest lions
by: Lucifer

The average weight for all lion sub-species is around 225 kg. Etosha lions of Namibia have seen a 260 kg lion 240 empty stomach.

Wild lions have been documented at weights of 690-750 lbs and 318 kg in captivity, one lion weighed 375 kg in Colchester Zoo in England named Simba another weighed 366 kg (807 lbs) rutledge lion of Nova Scotia,-Rutledge/1

Tigers can also reach enormous weights about the same as lions though shorter in height but when considering all the tiger sub-species average less in weight than a lion.

Sep 10, 2011
by: sabeer

beating measures, it means power of a beating with the front legs.

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