Two women on two occasions recount seeing kittens dumped from moving vehicles on Michigan roads

These are personal accounts by two unrelated women both of whom have seen kittens thrown from moving vehicles during kitten season in Michigan state, USA.

Their first hand experiences recounted in their own words paint a clear but horrific picture of callousness and wanton insensitivity towards vulnerable animals.

Marielle Wilson

Lucky a cat rescued from road after being dumped from moving truck
Photo: Terrry Monroe or Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue in Frankenmuth.
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Marielle said she was terrified. She was making her usual morning drive to work along the M-83 between King Road and Baker Road in Frankenmuth. To be completely clear and accurate I have located this spot on the road using Google Maps. The road is called S Gera Road. The photo below is of the exact spot where this act of cruelty took place.

Where five kittens were thrown from a moving vehicle. One was rescued.

You can picture it. You’re driving along on mental autopilot doing something which is completely routine and suddenly the occupant of a red truck (perhaps in front of her car) opened his window and ‘shook out the bag and the kittens fell all over the road’.

There were five kittens in the bag. And the guy in the vehicle must have wound down his window, extended his arm out the window holding the bag of kittens and shaken it empty as if getting rid of some waste at the bottom of the bag.

Marielle reaction was one of shock and terror.

“I was really scared. I had no time to process until it was right next to my car. I looked down and I was like, ‘oh my god! A cat,’”

What happened next?

Of the five kittens, two were hit by cars (I’ll presume they were killed instantly) and two ran off. You can see that the road is flanked by fields. The two probably ran into them. The fifth kitten she was able to capture and rescue. We don’t know what happened to the hit or lost kittens.

She found the whole thing disturbing as you would but despite being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time she was glad she was able to help.

She named the little tabby kitten Lucky. He was cared for by Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue and now is at the cat foster home of Terry Monroe who says he is doing well. Lucky is ‘pretty friendly’ and was therefore socialised. The people who dumped him had played with him.

Monroe has her own story to tell about dumping cats from moving vehicles.

Terry Monroe

Terry said that she was going home in her car and some guy in an approaching car threw a kitten from the car.

“I saw the kitten go out the window, roll under the car, run back toward the ditch and then run back under the car,”

Monroe was able to rescue the kitten. It seems a miracle that he/she was not run over.

The president of Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue in Frankenmuth said that Lucky is the third kitten to be brought to the rescue after being thrown from a moving vehicle.

For an outsider like me I see a trend. There is a trend for throwing cats as far as possible while being filmed and likewise a trend for kicking cats as far as possible while a mate films the thrower. Chucking kittens out of car windows while moving on busy roads is another sick trend. They are copycat activities by crazy individuals, invariably men. And the clincher is that they invariably get away with it despite being a clear cut crime under state animal welfare laws.


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3 thoughts on “Two women on two occasions recount seeing kittens dumped from moving vehicles on Michigan roads”

  1. Someone in my area (Wilkes Co., GA) has thrown away kittens the past two summers. For almost 20 years, a pair of dumpsters on a lone stretch of road has NEVER been inhabited by cats. I would have seen them as I have to go past there on my way to and from town.

    The dumpters are located at the edge of the road and are surrounded by open pastures with trees over 300 yards away, surrounding the perimeter. There is no water source visible from the road. There is a house on either side of the road at least 1,000 yards away form the dumpsters. The only shelter at the dumpsters is a felled, living tree that may provide a little shelter from the weather, but none from coyotes and wild dogs.

    Summer of 2017, someone threw away two ginger kittens. I was not able to get them and it weighed heavily on my heart. They survived the winter, but I never saw them once warmer weather came. I pray they were able to safely find their way across the open fields to the closest house. I somehow doubt it with all the hawks, coyotes and traffic. It appears that running over small animals, especially cats, earns the equivalent of a trophy with the locals.

    About the middle of the summer 2018, I saw a small ginger kitty and thought it may have been one of the originals. But then I saw a Siamese mix and realized they were thrown away also. I only saw them twice. 🙁

    I hate the way pee-poles treat animals!!!! and the POS around here claim to be farmers! WTF!?!?!?! Real farmers are responsible pet owners! They don’t treat their animals like garbage and toss them at the dump.

    1. “It appears that running over small animals, especially cats, earns the equivalent of a trophy with the locals.”

      This is horrible. In the newspaper today (Times in the UK) there was a story of a man who deliberately manoeuvred his car so that he could drive his front wheel over a tortoise on the road. He crushed it. The world’s gone mad.

  2. It absolutely breaks my heart to read about cats and kittens, or any living creature, being thrown from moving vehicles. (Even though this happens everywhere, this hits even closer to home because I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and Frankenmuth is roughly 100 miles nothwest of my hometown. Frankenmuth is well known for its Bavarian style architecture, restaurants, and German culture.) There are so many cold hearted people in this world. I have no understanding of the type of person capable of committing such cruelty, and zero tolerance for them.???

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