Two world record holding cats died of smoke inhalation in fire

This is an update. The owners of the two cats – one a Maine Coon with the world’s longest tail and the other, the tallest to the shoulder – have disclosed to the press that the bodies of both cats have been found amongst the ruins of their home burnt down by a fire last month. Note: the house fire was not associated with the forest fires of California.

Two world record holding cats Photo: Edward Pevos |
Two world record holding cats now confirmed deceased. Photo: Edward Pevos |
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The owners, Will and Lauren Powers, had believed that their cats had escaped the fire and were at large. They offered a $100k reward for information leading to their capture but they must have revisited their burnt out home to search again and found their bodies. Their names were Cygnus (Maine Coon) and Acturus.

This is a personal double tragedy for them because it was unique for a couple to own two world record holding cats at the same time.

The couple owned four cats. The other two, Yuki and Sirius remain missing and they think they escaped the fire and are both alive.

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  1. We are working on getting pet resuscitation masks in all our fire department engines in White County, Tennessee, and hopefully each and every individiual will be trained on the use of this equipment should such a calamity previal. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. My heart hurts for the owners. I pray that they heal in their own time. That is a fear I have, wondering what would happen to my cats if the house caught fire while I was gone. Those kitties are with the Lord, and they will see their beloved cats one day.


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