Tyrike Richardson on trial for cruelly battering Chester the cat


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WARNING: there is a video on this page (VIDEO REMOVED BECAUSE IT DISPLEASED GOOGLE) which contains some of the filmed footage made by Tyrike Richardson of his brutal beating of Chester, which he live streamed to Facebook. Please be aware of this and decide if you think it is a good idea to watch it. My view, nowadays, is not to watch animal cruelty videos or still images if at all possible.

Tyrike Richardson, 21, is the young man who allegedly battered Chester the cat to near death in his South Beach apartment, Staten Island, NY, USA. I have to use the word “allegedly” in order to protect this website. However, as Richardson, in his ignorant arrogance, broadcast the incident in a 32 minute Facebook live video, the use of the word “allegedly” is more academic than of real use. The chances of a conviction must be high. Richardson is pleading not guilty.

Tyrike Richardson entered the court dressed in beige prison garb. He was indicted on a felony of aggravated cruelty to animals charge. His defence lawyer said that Chester is still alive and making a recovery. This is an extraordinary recovery because his injuries were horrific.

Richardson said that he was scratched by Chester. He found Chester under his bed. He tried to tease him out with food. He said that he got a scratch from a cat that did not belong to him who under the bed and he started to bleed. He lifted his bed from the floor and the black-and-white cat became aggressive.

In retaliation, Richardson mercilessly beat Chester. He struck Chester multiple times in the head and body with a stick. He hit Chester in the face with a knife. He threw a chair on Chester’s body. The authorities say that they recovered a pole with blood and cat hair on it. Chester suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries. Air leaked out of his chest cavity. He had rib fractures. He suffered contusions to the ear and a bloodied nose. He had blood in the urine. He had broken teeth and tongue abrasions. He had liver and kidney injuries. He had head trauma and severe muscle injuries.

He then “allegedly” used a dustpan to carry Chester’s lifeless body to a trashcan. He threw Chester into it with some rice, plastic wrappers and an empty plastic bottle and snack bag. He truly did treat Chester as trash.

When Chester was found he was breathing very lightly said the police. He was extremely weak, wasn’t meowing and frail and weak.

As I stated above, it is very surprising that he survived and we don’t know the prognosis. He survived but what is his life going to be like after such a catastrophic beating at the hands of this alleged criminal?

The full charges are aggravated cruelty to animals, torturing and injuring animals, abandonment of animals, endangering the welfare of a child and criminal possession of stolen property in the 5th°. There are other aspects to this case which are not discussed here. I have focused on Chester the cat.

The reason why I am writing about this case is because it needs to be highlighted. People need to see justice being done after examples of cat cruelty and cat abuse. The punishment needs to be the maximum to act as a deterrent because, if we are honest, not enough is being done to deter animal abusers. There is too much of it.

Richardson’s abhorrent reaction to being scratched by Chester might have been avoided if the had been more sensible when trying to get Chester out from under the bed but that is probably being far too generous and optimistic.

Source: silive.com.

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5 thoughts on “Tyrike Richardson on trial for cruelly battering Chester the cat”

  1. I know several people who would volunteer to make sure the punishment fits the crime.

    After that beating, it may be a blessing for Chester if he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is so heavy. <3

  2. I agree Cindy. Start using these jails for all these violent animal abusers. Lord knows Ive went never for violence ” …GO FIGURE.

  3. This guy is a monster and a danger to other pets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks free or charges are dropped. The American justice system for animal cruelty is pathetic, especially when it involves a cat.
    As horrific as Chester’s injuries were from a sustained beating of over half of an hour, not much has been reported about the incident. I only learned of Chester’s story because of Kit and an internet search brings up little information.

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