Feral kitten abandoned by a cat but adopted by a human

Feral kitten abandoned by a cat but adopted by a human

This is a good news story. It is believed that Willow was abandoned by her feline mother as a feral kitten because she was born with a birth defect which prevented her feeding properly.

She ended up on the doorstep of a foster home for blind kids where a woman, Lori, worked.

Lori saw Willow on the doorstep and took her to a veterinarian who advised that she did not take her to a shelter for fear of her being euthanised.

She decided to adopt her and she gets on very well with Lori’s dog Ella. Willow has become a social media star with hundreds of thousands of followers. Lori wants Willow to make people kinder and more gentle.

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The story turns convention on its head in a nice way. There is a lot of kindness in people. They want to help this cat born with a birth defect.

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