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UK: Bizarre Stories of Cats Being Abducted and Declawed — 7 Comments

  1. That is horrible! I read this and my jaw dropped to the floor! It is astounding how deep the hatred of cats go, that a person will got to such lengths to harm an animal that has done nothing to them just because that animal is a cat. One would think it’s the middle ages! I hope the person that has done this gets caught.

      • My blood is still boiling! I am just so angry right now. Those poor cats! The owners must be heart broken right now. I have two cats that live with my father and we had them for 16 years! They are great cats and I would be totally devastated if something happened to them.

    • Sorry to reply to my comment, but I am very glad that one of the cats escaped with only one claw missing and I am glad that it won’t be suffering the long term with problems associated with declawing. I hope that cat also gave whoever mutilated it a damn good thrashing during the escape!

  2. These poor cats. I hope the person or people responsible for these cruel acts get apprehended. This is insane.

    • I agree, it is completely insane. It is a bizarre form of mutilation which is interesting because in the USA it is accepted and it is legal.

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