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UK City Lawmakers Demonstrate Ignorance in Banning Feeding of Feral Cats — 7 Comments

  1. If these feral & domestic cats walk around hungry, they will become very ill and therefore more susceptible to catching colds , FIV and many OTHER Diseases. then they will become a real health hazard to all the other cats within the colony, and possibly humans with a low immune system. Keeping them healthy and having a program in place to neuter and spay is the answer, with followup to make sure they do not develop any infections after their surgeries.
    In addition: starvation causes a very long and painful death.Suddenly denying them food if they are used to being fed by humans is an extremely cruel act.
    Eva say’s_

    • Thank you Eva. That was my first reaction. Cutting off food and leaving the colony in place means the cats will starve. As we know the word feral includes ex house pets that probably have negligible hunting skills or they may although semi wild have always relied on humans to supplement their food. Not feeding the problem won’t make them go away.

  2. Oh for Pete’s sweet sake! I thought the British were smarter than that. But there are stupid humans all over the world, so why should they be different.

  3. It’s Deja Vous.
    I can guess that, because ferals were uncommon for so long in the UK, there was no thought of enforcement of a feeding ban.
    But, it seems now that the UK is in the beginnings of what we went through (and, still do in many areas)some years ago.
    Caretakers had to fight constantly, attending public meetings, try to educate the ignorant, being fined, and even being jailed for some. The road to sanity is hard, but we can see some light now.
    I hope that the UK has an easier, softer path than we’ve had.

    • You are absolutely correct, Dee. It is a case of educating the city councillors. What they need is some experienced feral cat caretakers like yourself educating them as to how best to deal with feral cats. In this country, as you state, feral cats are not an issue in my opinion but for some reason they have become an issue in Nottingham, which surprises me to be honest.

  4. How about banning the feeding of the humans who refuse to alter their pets or dump them out the door and abandon them when they stop being cute little kittens or have a human caused behavior issue.
    The human race needs a TNR program.

    • Yes, I’m afraid that City Councils can be very narrowminded, small-minded, and not enlightened in their thinking. They see the cat as the problem when as you so rightly state the problem is the human. No doubt they have made no mention of how to tackle the root cause of the problem, the human, who is careless in looking after their cats.

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