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UK: Feral Cat Terrorises Pensioners For Two Days In Their Home — 7 Comments

  1. The papers sensationalising this stupid behaviour makes it worse, how is a cat straying into someone’s home newsworthy other than to fill up a column on a quiet day. The pair of them should be ashamed at the way they carried on, they seem to have laboured the point that they are pensioners it’s a pity they didn’t use a bit of the wisdom they’ve presumably gathered over the years and get the cat safely out of the house without treating it like a tiger escaped from a zoo. More bad press for cats, more fodder for the likes of Woody.

  2. Easy: Pillow-case…..this is in bad taste and has been deleted for that reason. Note: to Woody please try and demonstrate that you have some manners (admin).

  3. Totally agree.
    The cat was not feral.
    I can’t think of one more way that Bruce could have screwed up more. It began with approaching the cat with a weapon (broom), and it all went downhill from there.

    • I am pleased you agree with me. As you say it is a screw up and to make matters worse the online newspapers start talking about a vicious feral cat terrorising a pensioner. It pisses me off 😉

  4. Poor little cat, the man obviously frightened the wits out of her and naturally shoving a broom under the bed would make her panic even worse.
    Surely he could have simply moved her towards an open door like you said Michael, or put a little bit of food on a plate and led her outside.
    Dramatically carrying on as if she was a big tiger and trust the press to make a meal of it!

    • This story so so tragically typical of the ignorant press and people who don’t understand cats. The press just exploit the story and sensationalise it and the pensioners totally mishandled the situation. The victim? The cat in general as usual. The image of the cat besmirched.

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