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UK government rejects a law which would prevent foxhunting near residential areas — 3 Comments

  1. There’s a video where they have a bunch of baby foxes in a bin outside and a man comes out picks one up by the back of the neck, then he carries it inside and you can hear the hounds just screaming. A few minutes later he bring out the bloody dead body of the poor baby fox and tosses it in the garbage bin. I cried while watching how cruel it was. But a Saboteur got it all on video. By the time the cops came out to investigate all the baby foxes about 4 were already dead but in a barn hidden in the back were 6 more! Along with 4 adults. They were breeding them so the dogs could kill the babies! Horrible people breaking the law and killing innocent foxes for fun!!! Disgusting and ugly.

  2. How horrible. I thought foxhunting was illegal in the UK so why do they have the “pretend hunts” I remember watching the “Saboteurs” at one hunt and the hounds had a fox and a lady ran into the pack and saved the fox. It was the bravest thing I’d ever seen.

    • Yes, they have pretend hunts in order to satisfy the countryside folk who simply can’t give up foxhunting. But unfortunately, they use these pretend hunts to do real hunts sometimes. Which is why the saboteurs are there to keep an eye on them. They are an untrustworthy lot and one administrator was caught discussing how to circumvent the law and carry out real foxhunting under cover of drag hunting. He was prosecuted successfully. It just goes to prove that they cannot give up this barbaric pastime. I hate the lot of them.

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