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UK: Gratuitous Violence Against Cat and Dog — 10 Comments

  1. sorry i really cant look at it too upsetting. theres just way too much violence happening on cats and dogs these days. just too stressing.:(

  2. I do not watch that kind of video. I barely read the stories. People like that, I am certain, do not just stop their deviant, violent behavior. More likely he will abuse people one day. There is something wrong with this person mentally or psychologically that 18 months in jail won’t cure.

    But here is the other problem – the law punishes these deviants marginally. It’s not just a matter of age. If that had been a person he kicked the penalty would be more severe, but it is “only” an animal. We basically have to wait until he does it to a person so that the offense is taken more seriously.

    Honestly it’s a shame, not only for the animal but for the person because neither belongs behind bars. A mental institution is in my opinion the proper place for this guy so he can have a chance at life.

    • There is something wrong with this person mentally or psychologically that 18 months in jail won’t cure

      I completely agree with you. Well said. It is sad however you look at it. Something needs to be done to break the cycle: parents/children/parents/children. It has gone on for so long. Why can’t we do more to stop it? It is such deviant destructive behaviour it seems that something rotten is at the heart of us and it comes out from time to time.

      • Yes on everything you said except for I don’t think the problem is at the heart of us. I think Anne Frank was right that people are really good at heart. In my very uninformed and unprofessional opinion the problem is sometimes people are not normal, whether from birth or from how they were raised, and we haven’t got a way to deal with these people.

  3. I couldn’t watch either.
    I’m still not fully recovered from the evil spit-in-the-cat’s-mouth vet of yesterday.

      • I so wish we could find him R.
        It’s so important to tell each and every one of these vets what we think of them.
        It makes it personal and upfront.

  4. OMG that poor cat but thank God he got away not being kicked right but that poor dog.I had a difficult time watching that poor little thing being so abused. How can anyone be so vicious with a helpless animal. I had dogs my entire life while my kids were growing up and they are so loving and loyal and affectionate. That kid has to b mentally ill. How can a sane person treat any animal that way.

  5. I couldn’t watch the video, on overflow of horror right now. Such violence against innocent animals is sickening! I think being on benefits and feeling bored and worthless is partly to blame for the bad behaviour of some young people, but it’s no excuse!
    We’ve a lot of unemployment in our town and a fair amount of anti social behaviour and damage to vehicles. Just recently we’ve had wing mirrors and windows smashed on cars, at night, also yesterday an old person living alone had their bungalow window spray painted by mocking youths, he was very frightened. If they had to get up on a morning to go to work they wouldn’t be roaming around half the night causing trouble. I think if they targeted animals instead of property they would suffer from the wrath of the decent people here! Our Police do their best but they get blamed for not catching those yobs and yobesses, but with their dwindling numbers (thanks to the coalition government’s cuts) they can’t be everywhere.

    • Exactly – there is no excuse actually. One is responsible for ones actions and words – even if you were abused as a child it doesn’t make it ok to abuse others. There is NEVER an excuse. Only reasons. And somewhere in there is always a simple choice made by the person to do evil. Maybe they should make a law saying parents must do 3 hours of therapy a week if their underage child commits a crime. That would motivate parents to control their children.

      I can’t watch it – obviously.

      Lots of these types in England…. I know the type.

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