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  1. I think TNR is the only way however (God I hate myself for being so negative just lately) there seems to be a massive increase in people breeding moggies for money πŸ™ FB selling pages, Gumtree, Preloved are just a few πŸ™ there ought to be tighter controls but what could be imposed and how would it be policed? I’ve often wondered how the RSPCA police a ban on keeping animals for x amount of years. They can’t really can they? Is there a way? So really isn’t it just an empty sentence?

    My ex-boss who lives in an area where a lot of cat are dumped. Because of this he now has 6. He is a wonderful man. He tries to do whatever he can and has taken in a number of pregnant cats and found good homes for their babies. He called me the other day to see if I could help find homes for his latest litter he also told me that a man came to his house who had heard he had kittens and said he wanted a male and female. My ex boss said ‘you’re not going to breed from them are you?’ his reply was ‘yes I am’ He shut the door in is face. Believe me its rife πŸ™ peoples exploitation of animals yet again…… I was with a buy/sell group on FB until I saw a post ‘Kittens Β£15 each or 2 for Β£20’ I very quickly let the person know they were damn well out of order I said these are living feeling creatures not bloody buy one, get one free on bags of spuds from Tesco! Needless to say I’n no longer a memeber of the group. I stick with a buy/sell one who says no to the sale of animals and yet there of those that still try it on I had a go at one on there the other day grrrrr……..

    There ought to be set rules on these sites imposed by a higher authority theres just no acceptance of responsibilty and thats why sadly we will always have a feral cat problem.

  2. Babz and I have done TNR when we were CP feral officers when younger and fitter, it’s time consuming but so worth it.
    I think there are less ferals thanks mostly to CP, not only for TNR but for encouraging and paying for the neutering of cats for people on a low income.
    If only similar could be done in the USA instead of all the killing!

  3. Great post, Michael. I love that folks in the UK are on the same page concerning TNR and don’t even consider massive kills.
    There was a very big mistake made many years ago – I WAS DROPPED ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE GLOBE!

    • Thanks Dee, you are kind. There was no discussion or dispute about how to deal with these feral cats. TNR was the only option. Nice that. No complaints. No rows about feral cats spreading disease or killing wildlife. No breaches of ordinances. No one vilified or criticised for feeding feral cats. Just straightforward TNR and get on with it. The simple life.

  4. Interesting – thank goodness it doesn’t cross the minds of people in England to just kill them. That would be immoral. If only we could neuter the people who aren’t responsible and don’t neuter their cats.

    I’m the same as Marion in a very small way by the way – I go and check on litters of kittens born to 2 cats belonging to a lady who refuses to neuter them – and just like Marion, I choose to be nice so I can continue to have welcome access to make sure they are ok and everything.

    Sadly Red/Molly’s mother just had 2 kittens yesterday. I am very happy it’s only 2 and not the usual 5 or 6. They are very robust and Twinky (mama) is very relaxed and not depleted as such – yet.

    People are the problem. People must fix the problem. Not by killing. I’m happy the UK has a humane approach on average.

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