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UK: London wants all dead roadside cats to be scanned for a microchip. — 7 Comments

  1. Stage-1 of finding all the owners of those cats so they can eventually be found guilty, fined, and incarcerated for all criminal-animal-neglect and criminal-animal-endangerment laws. If they can’t figure-out by themselves how to truly love and protect an animal in their care, then the government will have to teach them in even more harsh ways.

    • Thanks for commenting but you are being too harsh in criticising cat owners who let their cats outside. They are not criminals, no where near it. You may hate people who let their cats outside but you’ll have to wait for the legislators to change the law making it obligatory to keep cats confined before you can brand people criminally negligent.

    • Pretoria, did you lose a cat to the perils of ‘outside’? I am very sorry if you did, don’t be so harsh on yourself, everyone can make unfortunate mistakes

      Don’t forget, not everyone lives in an environment that is unsafe for cats. Perception of danger to cats is going to be different too according to who you ask nd where they come from

      The UK has changed for the worse for cats in the last 20 years, so gradually the concept of containing cats indoors, initially at night, is slowly gaining a hold. We used to believe that it is safe here for cats to roam free. We don’t deliberately cripple our cats by declawing them, we don’t have rabies here. There are no predators who would routinely kill cats for food.

      Pretoria, what do you think of those who care for feral colonies or maintain a neighbourhood stray, but maybe can’t take it inside due to other animals, family members?

      Would you have those compassionate carers locked up and punished harshly too? The cats of the world needs more carers, however naive, to be out there, caring and advocating for cats, not locked up, fulfilling someones angry fantasy, which would result in fewer cats being cared for.

  2. Thank you Michael for covering this important and good news for UK cats.

    I hope this spreads to all local authorities very soon.

    This will allow cat owners if not full closure, then at least knowing their cat is no more, will free them to start the grieving process.

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