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UK: More proof that decline in bird numbers is not the cat’s fault — 2 Comments

  1. Of course they blame cats because they won’t blame themselves whose fault it really is.
    What would they do if no cats were allowed outside and all ferals got rid of,who would they blame then?
    Cats are an easy target.

  2. I went to school in Wiltshire and I can tell you that out there you can’t even see the other side of half the fields. The farmers chop every single tree down to grow crops. It’s almost like a desert. Other counties have a bit more in the way of trees I notice. But either way – the more those farmers squeeze out of the land the less there will be for anything else. No trees for the birds to build nests in – nothing – just barren bloody landscape without a tree for miles. Awful – I have always felt it should be illegal for farmers to destroy land which belongs to everyone. I kind of hate farmers. They are often mean hearted people with little care for the ecosystem beyond protecting their stupid crops. Sorry – but unless your an organic farmer or a small farmer then chances are you are destroying the countryside with carcinogenic pesticides filtering into the water table and all kinds of awful stuff – not to mention the animals suffering at farms where they ‘produce’ animals.

    By the way – if this stupid atlantic trade deal goes through we might end up being stuck with many of the unhealthy foods and food practices which go on in north america. Part of the trade deal allows corporations to sew governements for not accepting their products. Personally I believe the trade deal is just a corporate wishlist – because that’s exactly what it is. It won’t benefit anyone else. I think however many people over here will start marching in the streets if we start having to eat chickens washed in chlorine and genetically modified fruits and vegetables. These practices are illegal here so far but for the ‘fair and equal’ trade the corporations want they will insist that we must accept these things. It has been said that people over here won’t be affected where it is about health or human rights but of course it will happen in a back handed way. Next thing Monsanto will be suing the French government because France refuses to sell some food product like cerial or something which contains their north american gentically modified ingredients. Like I said – they are promising we won’t be subjected to this but I doubt it – it will come if the 1% wants it to.

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