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UK: More than half of cat owners cuddle their cats to calm them down — 22 Comments

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  2. You are exactly right Michael.
    I always play the same old record I know but it’s lack of education that causes many cats to have stressful lives. Some are treated like babies, some like dogs, but cats have different needs to both of those!
    If a cat feels stressed he doesn’t want to be picked up and cuddled, he wants to be left alone and the cause of his stress removed.
    We shouldn’t expect a cat to accept a newcomer without question, we wouldn’t want a stranger moving into our home and be forced to be friends with them.
    What makes me livid is when someone gets a new dog and if the cat doesn’t accept the dog, the cat is the one who has to go.

  3. I never pet my kitties unless they want to be petted.The fireman is holding the kitty because if he let it down ,it would run off.

  4. Well I wouldn’t do this as i believe its the other way around. They give us the love and Care when we are feeling Stressed or Sad. That’s what Jasmine seems to do as well as the Others. I never Force my Will against the Cat, unless they come up for Cuddles. They always know . I will give them a little cuddle and talk to them in a reassuring way in a calm voice.

      • I often think How I would want to be Treated, which is the way I think Cats feel. I know myself I don’t really like really, really Close Cuddles or contact. I liked to be hugged but not for very close contact and not for a long period of time. Yes Cats always tell us

  5. Even from a human point of view, I can say that swooping me up and cuddling is the last thing I want when I am stressed. Foremost, I want the stressors removed.
    I’m sure that a cat must feel the same.

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