UK: MPs to debate control of antifreeze products and protection of animals

It is about time and I am very pleased that some members of Parliament are going to debate the control of antifreeze products because routinely in the UK we have many reported cat deaths due to ingesting car antifreeze which contains ethylene glycol. These are often deliberate cat poisonings by criminals but no one catches them. It is impossible even if the police did care.

A recent bout of up to 22 cat deaths from kidney failure due to lapping up antifreeze in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, has prompted Sherwood MP Mark Spencer to set up a debate. I hope this eventually leads to legislation which makes it obligatory for manufacturers to make antifreeze cat safe.

An alternative chemical to ethylene glycol is available or instead of that a bitterant can be added to make the liquid unpalatable to cats. At present, surprisingly, anti-freeze tastes nice to cats which is why it is so darn dangerous.

It is just laziness on behalf of the manufacturers to not take steps to protect cats.

There are a number of pages on antifreeze poisoning on PoC because it is such an major danger to cats. In parts of the UK cat antifreeze poisonings are probably forcing a change in the culture of the cat owning British to keep cats inside permanently. This is certainly the case in areas where there appears to a serial cat killer on the loose as is happening in Calverton.

13 thoughts on “UK: MPs to debate control of antifreeze products and protection of animals”

  1. Correct one line of yours:

    “It is just laziness on behalf of the cat-owners to not take steps to protect cats from ALL environmental poisons by keeping their cats contained and safe — be that toxic plants, animals, or minerals.”

    What’s next? Are you going to demand that all toxic plants and animals are to be removed from your island so you can turn it into nothing but a sterile playground for you and your cats? Have you no common-sense left at all? Must the world must be sterilized into a safe cat-playground at the expense of all that is reasonable and sane? Sounds like it.

    Next on your list: Outlaw all use of motorized vehicles. They kill more of your free-roaming cats than antifreeze does — every time you let a cat outdoors, effectively and willfully throwing your cat out under the wheels of moving cars.

    YOU kill more of your free-roaming cats than anything else on earth — just by letting them roam-free in the first place. No other pet-owners on this planet care as little for their pets as you people do. They cherish and love their animals, they keep them safe from all harms. It’s clear that you could care less what happens to any cat. They’re just little expendable manipulation tools for you, nothing more than that. You prove it 100%, every time you let your cat roam free.

    • Sorry Brad, you are an idiot. Sorry to be rude but you are. All we are asking for is bitterant to be added to antifreeze for God’s sake. Wake up and grow up.

      All the crap you are spouting is nonsense. You sound like Woody, the notorious, barmy troll. Clearly you want cats to be poisoned. You disgust me Brad. God I hate people like you.

      Don’t respond to this. I will just delete it because you are not worth anymore of my time.

  2. We cat lovers have campaigned for years for a bitterant to be added to anti freeze. Such a simple solution wouldn’t cost that much and would save the lives of so many cats either accidentally or deliberately poisoned.
    Thank goodness at last this is being seriously debated!

    • I’m not sure anything will come of it but I was delighted to see that at least the politicians are aware of the problem and it may lead to a regulation that antifreeze contains a bitterant.

      What happened to the European Union when you want them? They make so many regulations for us. Why can’t they do this?

  3. This is welcome news. I just hope it’s the first step towards making it compulsory for bitterants to be added to anti-freeze and related products like screen wash.

    Perhaps if MP’s also mention that children sometimes mistake antifreeze for a soft drink, the proposal may gain more support.


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