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UK: Profile of the sort of person who likes cats — 12 Comments

  1. Well we live in County Durham which is next to North Yorkshire and we are older than the profiled people so maybe why not much is right about us.
    Yes to cats and animals and nature and charities, but no to swinging to the right politics, Bank, Daily Mirror (WHAT? Read anything other than the Northern Echo!) Woman’s weekly, TV shows, sports (hate them all) films, scrabble, video games, food etc etc lol
    Very interesting though, but as you say Michael, the survey sample isn’t very big.

  2. I live in the Anglia region and can relate to some of the results, but many of them don’t apply to me.

    When Channel 4 broadcast their “Psychopath Night” I took part in their on-line survey (lol). Out of 2,452,313 responses to they discovered that people with the least psychopathic tendencies prefer cats to other pets. Probably something to do with not wanting absolute control over others 😉


    • I’d like to comment, but there are so many listed things that I’ve never heard of. So, I guess I can’t tell whether I would be a good fit in this profile study.
      But, some things I like or love, and one is Sarah Brightman

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