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UK: Taste Shifts From Cats To Dogs — 3 Comments

  1. A Chihuahua is an endearing little dog. But if German Shepherds are known for hip dysplasia, very small dogs – and probably any other small animal, including that new breed of what look like miniature apple-headed Siamese cats – are easy to kill. Are the vets to blame? Perhaps not.

    Chihuahuas come in a variety of sizes: some are nearly as large as fox terriers. My mother’s were barely larger than squirrels: one weighed about 36 ounces. Both vets were in agony having to call my parents and tell them the dogs had died. Little Etta was being spayed because she suffered recurrent ‘false pregnancies,’ and Slocum had a tooth extraction.

    The vets assured my parents they had given the dogs the smallest possible amount of anesthetic. And yet their hearts stopped.

    The same with one of my pet rats, who also needed surgery. She survived the scalpel, and even lingered on for six or seven hours, but then she ‘crashed’ as the vet called to say.

  2. Stupid ovine people copying ‘celebrities’
    Too many people have multiple dogs around here, it used to be cloth cap and whippet land but now it’s bull terrier and yappy terrier land. They don’t look after them properly and they are just a nuisance to other people with their endless barking.
    Give me a cat over a dog any day, I do love dogs, but cats are far superior.

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