UK: Video: Kittens And Puppies Waiting to Be Dissected At Animal Testing Lab

Nina Fodale on the Causes website is calling for a full investigation into the animal testing that is carried out at MSD Animal Health in the UK having watched the video below:

March 2, 2014, the Daily Mail reported on this horrific story of kittens and puppies involved in animal testing in the UK. The video shows puppies and kittens being taken from their mothers and killed.  They can be heard screaming in terror while they are restrained by the research staff. They are later killed and then dissected. The bodies are thrown into a bin in the same way you would throw away some waste food in the kitchen.

The callousness of the operation is highlighted when one employee says,

“That’s you done, you can go into our bin.” (you will hear other callous and brutally insensitive – almost sinister – words spoken)

The puppies and kittens are as young as 4 weeks of age. The mothers are also killed.

The video was filmed by an investigator (“Susie”) who worked undercover at the facility for 8 months. The investigator was working on behalf of British Union for Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).

The laboratory is owned by the pharmaceutical giant Merck Sharp & Dohme.

The laboratory, MSD, states that they’re here to animal testing regulations and did not break any laws.

Comment: there are people who approve of animal testing because it benefits humankind. There are people who detest it. The former believe that animals are creatures who are secondary to the primary animal on the planet namely us. These people see animals as “it”, they are objects to be used.

To the latter, humans are also animals and animals are nonhuman animals so ultimately we are all very similar doing our best to survive under, often, difficult circumstances on a planet that is being damaged by human activity. To people who detest animal testing, the deliberate abuse of one animal for the benefit of another seems immoral.

If MSD say they are not breaking the law, the law is bloody stupid.

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  1. I can’t watch the video, I’m at breaking point already having watched the Paw Project video yesterday and reading about all those cats Elisa is writing about. One of my feeling really helpless times at the moment what with real life troubles and so much animal cruelty on-line on top.
    Just can’t take any more, my strength has deserted me and I’ll have to fight to get it back now before I can do any more good.

    • Ruth, I am sorry to hear. We need you to be strong so I wish you well. I know how you feel though because I feel that way myself sometimes. The other morning when I woke up to work on the website and there were problems and then there were other problems somewhere else I began to feel almost incapable of rising to the challenge but I did, just. I have not watched this video because having read the description I felt I’d seen it without seeing it. I just think that it is horrendous but it is justified over and over again by politicians and business executives which I find depressing.

      • Thanks Michael, we are having real problems with BT who say we have used twice our allowance of internet this month. They say we have used 80GB and have to pay over £40 excess! Our usual monthly usage is only 14.76GB and we have done nothing different to other months. Trying to sort it out with phone calls to India has had us both in tears. One even said someone must have been in our house and copied the password from the infinity router, it’s just ridiculous. Waiting for the complaints dept to phone now. Dogs barking non stop, hungry cats hanging around our gate, just can’t cope today 🙁
        But one good thing our boyz are both better and eating well, we have to count our blessings I know.

        • Ruth, I am glad you are challenging the 80GB because I use about 20+GB and I am on the internet all the time. It is definitely wrong. Ask them for records, actual data that confirms their figures. Ask them to email it to you. That means the last 6 months or whatever.

          Ruth check this page out:

          and tell BT unless they can establish with firm documentary evidence that you have used 80GB you will seek redress with:

          Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS)

          But check this is the correct one first. It looks like it is.

          • Thank you Michael, yes we could never use that much!This is very helpful so I’ve printed it off. It has to be wrong and now we know how to challenge them we certainly will.
            The monitor resets tomorrow, the 1st of the month, it’s showing our normal usage since we reported the sudden huge rise.
            Just waiting to see if the phone us today as promised, if not our claws will be out and BT fur will fly for sure!

  2. Testing drugs or vaccines on animals doesn’t seem to work anyway. there are many examples of dangerous products on the market that are supposed to have proven safe by animal testing. Baytril and Convenia are 2 such recently introduced dangerous antibiotics. . How many animals were made to suffer and killed during the testing of these 2 disasters? I suspect that testing is just a formality in order to obtain funds and grants to keep people and companies busy, and to conform to the law. The results and side-affects, seem to be disregarded but they happily put them on the market as tested safe.

    • I am well aware of the sometimes life-threatening/fatal side-effects of Convenia for some cats, but Baytril has been around for some time, and I have used it with some of my feline rescue population over the years with good results…it is known to cause blindness as a possible side-effect with longer-term treatment at a higher than normal dosage, esp. in cats, but within the parameters of reasonable dosing and length I have found it to be relatively safe. Of course I do prefer alternative and holistic medicine to traditional allopathic treatment with its almost complete reliance on symptom-suppressing drugs, but there are times when a strong, immediate effect is needed. Baytril is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with aerobic and anaerobic properties that comes in an injectable (easier to dose cats this way) as well as pill form. If you have any references to its toxicity or other side-efrects please do share.

  3. I was going to watch it, but decided against it after watching what happened to those cats and kittens today. Just reading, what had happened be enough to stress me out. I don’t understand why they are still testing on animals ,like kitties and puppies. Taking the mother away and killing her in front of her kitties so wrong.makes me so mad. 🙁

  4. It is irrelevant if they are breaking rules or not What’s relevant is if animals are being treated cruelly or caused distress. This moral factor and the law do not necessarily coincide. Testing drugs on animals is stupid because humans and animals have different reactions to pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical products.

    • We think alike. Business has a lot of influence as to what the law is due to lobbying and politicians cosying up to multinational companies. The law should be moral. It should be based on moral principles but no, unfortunately, not always.

    • Huh … funny … where’s the video of all those billions of animals that are dissected yearly, if not monthly, to have their bodies crammed into cans and bags of cat-food for you? You know, all those animals that are killed because you have no problems when you pay hired-killers to kill all those animals for you. How many animals did you have killed for you this year just for your “but cats make me feel good!” values?

      And this doesn’t even begin to count how many innocent animals were dissected while ALIVE by your cats just for their twitching and writhing play-toys. You know, all those tortured animals that you gleefully describe as “gifts” from your cats.

      How odd. It’s a wonder that what little remains of the lobes of your brains don’t throttle each other to death trying to deal with your own blatant hypocrisy.

      • how many innocent animals were dissected while ALIVE by your cats just for their twitching and writhing play-toys.

        This is nature you idiot. All predators kill to eat. Are you against all predators? Of course not. What humans do in animal testing labs is not natural. It is not nature. It is immoral. How you can get the two mixed up is beyond me.


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