Ultimate Vehicle Registration Plate For Discerning Cat Owner

This is a vehicle registration plate (‘personalized number plate’ in the UK) which is perfect for the cat owner who wants to make a statement. The photograph was taken in Richmond Park, Surrey, UK. Of course it had to be on a large Mercedes. I have no idea who owns the car. It is not the sort of car that a cat lover would own in my view. But who knows? Personalised registration plates can be expensive. My guess is that this would have cost around £10,000 or around $14,000 (USD).

I’d have to speculate that the owner has two very beautiful purebred cats, perhaps a Maine Coon and a Bengal. Or they are breeders of exotic cats such as the F1-F2 Savannahs selling at £10,000 each.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Vehicle Registration Plate For Discerning Cat Owner”

  1. Here in California we’ve had “personalized” or specialty plates for some time. It started out as a fund raiser for emissions research or something; now we can order one of nine themed plates that have a design of our choice interest like protecting the coast, lakes, kids, showing love for art, museums, pets, veterans… They cost about up to $100 or so then an extra fee for renewal. As for what it can say on it via letters and numbers, you submit 3 or so choices and see which one hasn’t been used by someone else in the state. Who here needs to know, right? sorry.

  2. I myself would only pay for the plates if the money went to legitimate cat rescues. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, it is clever.


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