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Ultraviolet light therapy cures human ringworm in 90 seconds — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing your discovery! It sure beats bathing the cat 2+ times a week. The UV device we got is the same pictured above, but 30 seconds of exposure is very small. Did you mean three 3 minute exposures? Thanks for clarifying this for me.

    • No, I mean 30 seconds. It is long enough. It needs to be short otherwise it causes sunburn. But the device is very close to skin. The depth of the spikes on the device is the distance from the skin. Protect the eyes too (important). Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Thank you for posting this. Several years ago I got some sort of intensely itchy spots on my fingers, legs and arms. I guessed from what I read it was some fungus, perhaps ringworm. I tried many creams and ointments to no avail. I read about UVB and ordered a UVB light online for under $100. Like you it cleared up after a couple short exposures. Living in the USA a visit to the doctor would have cost much more than the cost of the light. We also have a couple of cats.

  4. Great discovery and interesting that doctors haven’t been up front about it, maybe because if a patient uses it too much it could cause cancer. Good that you cautioned to use it sparingly. They are also reportedly used to treat acne. I bought a cat’s drinking fountain with one in it, but it’s hidden inside a tube where the water flows over it. I wonder though if it does penetrate the plastic. There seems to be various intensities of UV light bulbs where we can buy them, costing from a few dollars to over a hundred for medical grade. I’ll remember this treatment if/when I need it, or even if I see someone who does. Thanks Michael.

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