‘Unadoptable cats’ often simply need the right person to come along

It’s useful to remind ourselves that there is nearly always someone who is suited to a so-called “unadoptable” shelter cat. It’s just a question of the one meeting the other. Here are two examples where the right person met an unadoptable cat and made them adoptable. The stories come from Cats Protection who worked in collaboration with Purina®. They launched a campaign in September 2018 which lasted for four weeks.

Elaine and Sam

Beautiful Sam a deaf cat and companion to Elaine
Beautiful Sam a deaf cat and companion to Elaine. Photo: The Mirror Newspaper.
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At the time Elaine was 70-years-of-age and she admits to being profoundly deaf. She wears two hearing aids. She describes how she met Sam at Cats Protection who had contacted her saying that Sam had hearing problems. Her immediate reaction was, “So what?”.

“When I met Sam he was so affectionate, I’d like to think he knew I needed a friend. He made himself at home right away. I wouldn’t say he’s spoilt but he will have the armchair and I get the footstool. He doesn’t take up much room, that’s because he’s always lying on top of me. And he keeps me on my toes…”

Elaine clearly has a nice sense of humour and you can tell that she is a wonderful cat guardian to Sam. They are a perfect couple.

Sam and Coco

Coco is a black cat. Laura, Sam’s wife, always wanted a black cat. We know that black cats are hard to place but there’s always somebody and Laura was that somebody. Laura wanted a black cat because, Sam explains, since childhood she has had a love of witches. Laura’s favourite television show growing up was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The witch in question had a talking black cat.

Cats Protection telephoned Sam and Laura to tell them that many of their cats were black and that they had difficulty in finding adopters for them. Laura was sad to hear this. She committed herself to adopting Coco who she first saw when looking to adopt a cat for her daughters.

She thought about renaming Coco to ‘Salem’. This didn’t happen because the family persuaded her not to do it!

The first day that she became the family cat she vanished. They couldn’t find her anywhere but then discovered her in a drawer under the bed in the girls’ room. You know how hard it is to find black cats in the home when they want to hide. Sam is Coco’s favourite and they make a very happy family.

Cats with medical conditions such as FIV and FeLV, cats with disabilities such as deafness or three legs, shy cats and black cats are all adoptable and they make wonderful companions. I hope people, potential adopters, broaden their outlook and open their eyes and consider adopting a so-called unadoptable cat.

Link to Cats Protection adoption page.

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