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Unaffectionate FeLV positive rescue cat adopted by terminally ill woman — 4 Comments

  1. Sometimes, there is a moment, with an animal that you just cherish in your memory forever. This morning I had that moment with Cassie Ann,who has FeLV, at one year old, as well as complications from lymphoma. I am hospicing her as I have other cats in the past. It is an honor to care for those passing from this life who have no one. She will be blessed in the next life, thank you for sharing this story.I’d like to sharea poem I wrote this morning

    Asleep this morning
    I slowly awoke
    To you on my chest
    No words you spoke
    This quiet moment
    In time sureal
    You passed a message
    My heart could feel
    Into my soul
    Your silent stare
    Conveyed the words
    You couldn’t share
    Then I felt
    Your chin pressed tight
    Against my own
    Your purr so slight
    I told you then
    You are loved so dear
    That when it comes
    I pray I’m near
    I felt your love
    Through fur to skin
    And wished I could change
    How your life had been
    So wonderfully long
    You lingered there
    Soft cheek on my lips
    Your nose in my hair
    I asked of you
    With a tear in my eye
    If you would wait
    When it’s time to fly
    Say you’re ready
    Please let me know
    So I can hold you
    While you go
    You snuggled close
    and held so still
    I closed my eyes
    And drank my fill
    This moment in time
    your life renewed
    However long
    I’ll take that too
    Then off you went
    Ready for play
    I am so thankful
    for each day
    I’ll pray we get to
    Say good-bye
    When God calls you home
    To that bridge in the sky.

  2. There’s a reason for everything. Gummy Bear and Rebecca will help each other more than any vet or doctor could do. This isn’t about medicine, it’s about unconditional love – both ways! They both will be well loved for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, Gummy Bear and Rebecca will be buried together. The Rainbow Bridge will be a very happy place for both of them. Live in Peace, Gummy Bear.

    I don’t do Facebook.

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