Unamused Pallas Cat

Unamused Pallas Cat

by Michael

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This photograph is by the Pallas Cat Project in Mongolia. You can see it without a caption and some details on this page.

I just thought that this picture was made for an attempt at a caption. I think I have failed but I have tried!

The Pallas cat (better name: Pallas’s cat) is a cute looking small wild cat that lives across a wide area from the Caspian Sea to eastern Russia.

I think this cat had been safely trapped and was being taken for testing. He looks comfortable enough.

I think also that this group of researchers did good work in respect of conservation.

However, I sometimes feel though that the wildcats should simply be left alone as that is the best way to protect and conserve them.


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Unamused Pallas Cat

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Jan 06, 2012
I agree NEW
by: Barbara

The cat looks less than thrilled but it seems to be zipped into someone’s jacket and looks to me like he could get out if he really wanted to, so maybe it’s just his normal expression. What a pretty cat. I think the caption is a good one. That’s what we could have sometime, a caption compo!

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