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Understanding Why Cats Can Be Fussy Eaters — 2 Comments

  1. I’d be pleased if they use this new found information to make medicines more palatable. Getting a sick cat to take tablets or liquid medicine is a struggle for many owners, myself included.

    The researchers are already working with the pet food industry, so there’s no doubt they’ll be incorporating this new found knowledge into the manufacturing process. I just hope they don’t use it as an opportunity to lower the nutritional quality of existing ingredients in favour of enhanced flavour.

    At present it seems that the most palatable foods (the ones they never refuse) are the complementary ones which unfortunately don’t fulfill a cat’s nutritional needs.

    If I could be confident that no more meals would be rejected with a look of contempt, I’d be prepared to pay more for “new and improved” highly palatable, food.

  2. I doubt if any pet food manufacturer wants to avoid “exploiting” this information, since it will increase their bottom line.

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