Unexpectedly Big Kitten

by Gina
(Perth, Ontario, Canada)

At 4 months old

At 4 months old

At 4 months old Taken today 9th August 2011, 6 months old 6 months old With adopted sister Libby

I was looking for a little kitten to keep my 3 year old cat entertained. I answered an add on kijiji.com, and brought home this adorable, normal sized, ball of fluff.

Within 2 months, my normal ball of fluff quickly became a mutant sized kitten with freakishly long whiskers and monster sized paws.

His mother was a petite short-haired grey and white tabby who escaped the house and came back pregnant. And I have always had normal DMS cats, who were normal sized.

I was very surprised with the rate of Oliver's growth. At 6 months old, which he is as of yesterday, August 8th 2011, he weighed in at 8.3 pounds, he is 33 inches long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. His body is 16 inches long with very very soft fur (I have had cats all my life, and never had a cat with such silky fur), his long fluffy fox-like tail is a respectable 13 inches long. And from the floor to the top of his shoulders, he stands a tall 11.5 inches. Again, this is at SIX MONTHS OLD! Wow!!

Given the petite nature of his mother, I was on a crusade to find out what possible breed my mutant-kitten's father may have the genes of.

Based on his size, his demeaner (he is extremely fond of being in the same room with people, follows me around like a love-struck boy, and is extremely active and playful) and physical traits, like his kohl-rimmed eyes, salt-and-pepper fur, britches and ear size, I am actually thinking there is some possible Somali in him, which is kinda cool since I never even heard of this breed until my research began.


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Unexpectedly Big Kitten

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Oct 01, 2011 same story also have gray/white cat
by: MB

This is like my cat, who is, now fully grown, 36" long from nose to tail and weighs 22 pounds. At 6 months old, he weighed 11 pounds. Looks similar too, I guess mine would be black smoke and white but he has some faint stripes and spots also.

I have heard many of these "I found a kitten on the side of the road and it turned into a 20 pound monster" stories. Usually the monster in question is black and white or gray and white.

I am really wondering what is going on out there with the ferals. Officially bobcats do not mate with domestic cats but people who live out in the rural areas often say otherwise. Officially there are no melanistic cougars or melanistic bobcats, and no cougars in Maine, but people who live out near the wilderness write in blogs they have seen these critters.

Maybe ferals are getting selected for large size because coyotes eat the smaller ones. In other words, the ecologic niche for wild cats in the US is for 20-pounders not 10-pounders.

Aug 10, 2011 Beautiful
by: Michael

I don't know if he has Somali in him. He may have some Maine Coon in him. They are large cats. Or he may be just a large individual cat.

But I do know that he is big and very handsome. He is a fine looking cat.

Sometimes you get random bred cats who look as good as and as refined as purebred cats and he is an example of that.

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