Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge pictures

I don’t know much about the Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge but here are a couple of pictures from it. The idea is to photograph your cat in situations and positions which portray him or her in an unflattering manner. It’s a personal thing: I don’t see that anything that a domestic cat does as unflattering. I guess I’m missing the point. I’m being too serious! It’s probably fair to say that when a cat is licking their bottom it is not particularly flattering. However, I tend to see it from the cat’s viewpoint. For the cat it is perfectly functional behaviour; entirely normal, highly functional and independent of the need for water. Cats are conservationists. We know how much water humans consume. We are voracious water consumers and consumers in general. We need clothes but cats don’t which is another area of independence. Do you notice how much more independent the domestic cat is compared to humans except for the fact that humans look after them or should do?


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