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Uninterested sheriff investigates veterinarian’s bow and arrow shooting of cat. What chance justice? — 15 Comments

  1. Lots of people (myself included) are keeping tabs on this case and the one involving Freddy, the poor cat bludgeoned to death by the police officer.

    Sure, these stories will eventually fade away from the news headlines, but I’m sure genuine animal lovers will not forget the names or faces of those involved. I know that almost 5 years on, I’ve not forgotten about Mary Bale from Coventry who put Lola the cat in a wheelie bin. She may only have been fined £250 + victim surcharge and court fees (totalling almost £1,500 but the lasting damage to her reputation, personally and professionally will be with her for life.

  2. Everyone in the world has learned to give you sociopathic cat-lunatics nothing but lip-service. You’re just catching onto that? 🙂

  3. From Houston, which is near the scene of the alleged crime, Sheriff Jack Brandes said he couldn’t arrest the veterinarian unless an investigation concluded that the photo of the dead cat is genuine. I read a statement on youtube that it may be a fake.
    I can’t see a cord around the cats neck? Just my viewpoint taken from the photo.
    Of course I could be mistaken.

  4. If it is photoshopped the joke is on her because she did lose her job and she did pretty much destroy any chance she has of getting work as a vet any time soon. Whether other vets think like her or not, very few practices will take the chance of hiring someone who will immediately create a public relations nightmare.

    • Susan, I have just searched hard for information about the photo being Photoshopped and nothing came up. I don’t think it is Photoshopped although it may be claimed that it is as a defence to being charged.

  5. OK-so Ladies & Gents. I just read a statement this photo could be photoshopped? If so I feel like an idiot and the jokes on us? just say’in !!

    On the other hand, if this is real then it is still despicable.

  6. It’s sickening to think that Lindsey may get away with this crime. One of the comment’s on Tiger’s FB page was from a vet’s wife and her husband alleges the cat in the photo isn’t even completely dead because the front legs are raised and not limp 🙁 To me that makes this photo all the more disgusting and sadistic.

    I’d like to hope that even if she escapes punishment by the authorities, that the public will not be so forgiving. I can’t imagine any pet owner (especially cats) wanting that woman anywhere near their animals. I wish her nothing but misfortune and misery for the rest of her days.

  7. I think the biggest justice will be Kristen Lindsey will be lucky to get a job-any job-once this blows over. And on the blog site Kristen has people are now calling for her mother to be fired from her government job for being the one to take the photo. As far as the courts go, unfortunately there will be little if any justice.

      • They may forget, but it’s a common practice in the U.S. for an employer to Google an applicants name to see what pops up. An employee can find out lots of behavioral information on a prospective new hire such as weekend partying habits, etc. So she’ll likely get caught up with that way as well.

        • Yes, good point again. At the end of the day though how many vets think like Lindsey? I doubt whether her mentality is that different to the majority of vets

          • I’m in a small town and the women vets I’ve met in my area have been great. I think her bragging and saying she was beyond reproach because she was “awesome” really hit a nerve. I went back in and pulled an old Examiner article where two men were arrested over the cat hunting photo. You remember that one, where the hunters were holding the cats? Those two were charged with animal cruelty over a Facebook photo. Yet this sheriff says he can’t arrest Lindsey because the photo can’t be proven. That’s bullshit. I can drag up many cases of Facebook photos leading to arrests.

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