Unique Hairless Raccoon Struggles To Survive

Hairless raccoon
Image: Facebook/Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge
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The only connection to cats is that raccoons can be dangerous to outside cats but not this one. This little female is a hairless raccoon. She is struggling to survive. She is in intensive care at the Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge, Florida. Her health is declining while in care. She was found under a car terrified and weak.

“She’s battling an infection that has taken a toll on her quickly. She’s in 24 hr care, on an IV drip, antibiotics, tube feeding, etc.. Please keep her in your thoughts”

Donations and updates? Please visit the refuge’s Facebook page: LINK.

4 thoughts on “Unique Hairless Raccoon Struggles To Survive”

  1. I’m sorry but after a raccoon broke into my outdoor cat enclosure and decapitated and dismembered my 3 of my 5 week old kittens 2 yrs ago I now have a deep hatred for them,I used to tolerate them coming around and wiping out my cat colony food but no more,in fact since it is legal here I trap them and the rest is history,I’ll probably get heat for this comment so I would advise ye to take care with ye words,ye didnt see wot I saw,ye didnt smell wot I smelled and ye dont have the visual/mental image that haunts me every day.


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