United Animal Coalition Fined $300,000 in NC for Animal Abuse and Neglect

The animal advocacy community has kept their eyes on North Carolina over the summer, as allegations against both the Guilford and Davidson County animal shelter have made national news. This has resulted in an historic fine of $300,000 being issued against the nonprofit United Animal Coalition (UAC) after abuse and neglect allegations came in during the summer.

NC animal shelters fined

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The UAC has 66 violations issued against them including failure to provide veterinary care to injured animals. According to Durham Local News, there were a total of 71 violations. Sixty seven involved failure to provide adequate medical care for the animals. Only one violation was linked to Guilford, with the rest occurring at Davidson. Five more violations involved failure to provide rabies vaccinations within 15 days at the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

NC animal shelters fined

Public Affairs Director for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Brian Long stated in an interview with Fox8 News:

“These were some severe violations of the law. Things like broken legs, animals that had been hit by cars, animals with a variety of broken bones and other types of medical issues.”

NC animal shelters fined

The biggest fine ever issued has been broken down at $290,000 against the UAC at the Guilford County Animal Shelter, with the remaining fine of $10,000 against Davidson County Animal Shelter. Both shelters had their UAC licenses revoked by the state in August 2015. The respective counties have taken control of both shelters.

NC animal shelters fined

Fox8 asked for a comment by Carolyn Cudd, president of the United Animal Coalition. Cudd said she didn’t know how the group would pay the fine and hadn’t heard about the decision. Then she hung up the phone. The UAC has 60 days to pay the fine, appeal the decision or reach a settlement with the state of North Carolina.

NC animal shelters fined

This is major news for the shelter animals in North Carolina, as animal advocates are determined to be the voice of the dogs and cats who enter the shelter system at some of the worst shelters in the country. Two shelters exposed, but many more need a major overhaul or animals will continue to suffer in their care.

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3 thoughts on “United Animal Coalition Fined $300,000 in NC for Animal Abuse and Neglect”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when shelters do all they can to reach a vegan’s demanded “no kill” status. 🙂 It makes all those keyboard vigilantes proud of how many suffering animals they kept alive to line their own pockets with donations and their their empty and meaningless hearts with their bliss-ninny’s feel-good imaginings.

    You have so much to be proud of — in hell.

  2. I find this shocking. Not only do ‘shelters’ euthanise healthy cats which means they can’t be described as ‘shelters’ some, such as this one, are cruel to cats and dogs as well. It makes you think what has gone wrong with the human race.


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