Unknown person kills cats by targeting them with a water pistol loaded with antifreeze

Cats in one street in Bradford, UK have died after licking antifreeze from their coats. It has been decided based on the evidence that someone (probably living in the same street but no one knows) is squirting the cats with antifreeze using a water pistol.

This is another sadistic form of animal abuse. It’s particularly shocking. The behavior of this person is outrageous. I know what I’d do if I lived on this street:

  1. keep my cat inside and;
  2. set up a CCTV system with the help of other cat owners living in the street to catch him or prevent further cruelty.
  3. I won’t tell you what I’d do to him if I caught him….
Lynden Ave.
Lynden Ave.
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The road is Lynden Avenue, Windmill, Bradford. Residents describe it as a “lovely street”.

“This is a lovely street and we all watch out for each other, I look after people’s cats while they are away and this is just awful,” (Jean Blackman).

Someone living on the street or nearby is not so lovely, sadly. He or she is pure evil.

Marmite survived
Marmite survived

When neighbours started to talk to each other about their cats they started to form the opinion that someone was spraying them with antifreeze.

Mr Gerard said (after his cat had be euthanised by a local veterinarian on July 13th after confirmation he had be poisoned by antifreeze):

“After talking with a neighbour, who’s cat had also died suddenly from the same thing, we think they are being squirted with anti-freeze so they lick it off.

“This was consistent with our cat once coming in wet and smelling strange. Myself and my kids all were touching the cat and getting this on our hands not knowing what it was.

“I believe it to be the clear type of anti-freeze.

“It’s just unbelievable that anyone could be so cruel.”

The police have been informed. Whether they do anything meaningful or successfully remains to be seen.

It has become common knowledge thanks to the internet that antifreeze is a very effective cat killer. The nasty people amongst us take note of this and in this case the maniac has taken antifreeze poisoning one step further into the realms of cat cruelty by using a water pistol loaded with the stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Unknown person kills cats by targeting them with a water pistol loaded with antifreeze”

  1. its sad. people do this like THIS cuz they are able to get away with it. if there were laws about THIS sort of behavior it would, at the very least, diminish. its funny, in a not-so-funny way though, cuz there are clear indicators that THIS behavior is common among juvenile offenders as well as those that have more serious behavioral issues(violence, etc). if people appoached their gov’ts about it from THAT angle i THINK it would be easier for them to write/re-write laws to protect pets, etc as it would, in the long run, protect US as well. cuz, lets be honest, its not THAT far of a leap for some people to go from poisoning pets to poisoning people. there are some sick f@#$’s out there.

    • I think you are right, Ed, that this sort of behaviour is more common among juvenile offenders. What you’re saying is that we should target this section of society and I agree with you there. There are laws, as you know, which protect animals both in the USA and the UK and in many other countries. The problem, by and large, is that law enforcement does not treat animal abuse seriously enough and does not put enough resources into tackling animal cruelty and abuse.

  2. I see a lot of cat cruelty stories coming from the UK. If that country cannot get its people in line, I will never visit it again, nor will I buy products from there.

    This is probably the work of someone who hates cats in general, is a bird watcher, or is a bored child. Pathetic is what it is regardless. I’d wish the same fate on them, but I doubt this person will be caught. Whatever happens, this person will have to face what they’ve done after they die. This is some very bad karma on their part.

    • Yes, Jennifer. I agree that there is too much cat cruelty in the UK. One reason is that Brits almost always let their cats roam outside so they are very vulnerable. And there are more nasty people in the UK these days.

    • To have read so many accounts lately of abuse in the UK is shocking and saddens me. Is it our fault that our next generation (US included) have no respect for life? I can’t get a grip on who to blame, ie. parents, schools, government?
      I know that, as a youngster, I would have never dared to harm any animal. My parent’s punishment would have been corporal indeed. Beatings weren’t called abuse then.
      Perhaps, lawmakers should keep their noses out of parenting and redefine what may constitute real child abuse.

    • Me too. If I could get away with it I’d turn the water pistol on his open mouth and squeeze for a very long time.


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