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Unlucky Cat Names — 4 Comments

  1. LOL!!! The only name a cat has to have to be “unlucky” where I live is “cat”. No matter the name, it still gets shot-dead and disposed of. Throw that into your “statistics”. LOL!!

  2. Am I understanding correctly when I say that a shelter could have 20 Charlies, and because of that, a cat with a very unique name, like Dreama, would be more appealing to potential adoptees?
    If so, there may be a scant of truth to that; but, for the most part, I think people are looking more for temperament and personality. Many times, names can be changed by the adoptees to suit themselves, but I wouldn’t suggest that with an older cat who knows their name.
    Many years ago, someone begged me to take in their 6 year old girl because they had lost their job and couldn’t care for her. Her nane was Selma. I hated that name but never chamged it, because that was the name she responded to.

    • Yes, that is the conclusion. I am sure how accurate the conclusion is but Battersea are very big. It seems that people are attracted to fancy names, perhaps on their website so when they turn up they have preset ideas.

  3. I don’t believe a cat’s name can be unlucky, it’s fate that makes them end up with people who relinquish them on flimsy excuses. I’m sure all the cats in Rescue Shelters can’t be there because of a genuine reason. People who discard cats like unwanted possessions are just selfish, thoughtless, uncaring excuses for human beings.

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