Unnecessary row erupts on Facebook over cute funny cat video

This is funny, cute kitten video but some commenters on Facebook say that it is cat abuse and teasing which will make the kitten aggressive. For some peculiar reason a row erupted over this really nice little kitten video. He or she appears to be a blue British Shorthair but could equally be a very nice looking gray moggie.

Defensive kitten refuses to release his cat toy
Defensive kitten refuses to release his cat toy
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The owner gently tries to get the toy off the kitten knowing that she will fiercely resist. It is done to make a nice video. I think it is fine. The cat is not being callously teased as suggested by some Facebook commenters. And I don’t believe the cat will become aggressive as a result as has also been suggested. Some commenters on Facebook even described it as cat abuse.

The cat is simply hanging on to a possession and defending it from what she perceives as competition from a sibling. This can happen with food and it is no surprise it has happened with this toy. Cat siblings can play fight pretty fiercely sometimes. But it is all forgotten in a moment. I don’t believe that it will have any sort of negative impact whatsoever on the cats mentality going forward.

The toy is probably impregnated with catnip as they often are which would make it more desirable to possess and possibly alter the kitten’s behaviour (e.g make her more aggressive).

The Video

Defensive Behavior

Essentially it is defensive behaviour which is usually associated with protecting food even against siblings of family members. It is hard wired into the cat’s brain at birth and the cat owner is doing nothing wrong in my view. What’s your take on this?

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2 thoughts on “Unnecessary row erupts on Facebook over cute funny cat video”

  1. Normal behaviour from a well cared for, happy kitten who is just finding out how to use his/her body to live!

    It looks fine to me. A happy video.

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