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Unnecessary: testing, vaccinations, surgery, specialist foods and overpriced medications force veterinary bills up — 6 Comments

  1. Many vets (and human doctors) are of the mind to charge people whatever they can and having been in the vet field for many years I have found that many vets don’t even like animals. They see it as a field where they can scam the owners and make money. Little did they know -vets make less than human doctors. But they also didn’t have the owners now asking pointed questions. My beloved family do NOT get any more vax. When I need to visit the vet-who has been a trusted friend to us for many years-I have a list of questions I need to ask. Together the decision is made to treat or to let go. People need to check on the doctors, their creds, what other clients’ opinions are, what labs they use, and how they treat the pet and the pet’s reaction to the doctor and staff are.

  2. I had a cat in terrible condition 9 due to a bad mistake leaving him with an idiot while away on a mini vacation] When I returned he was taken to the vet with the clear understanding To be put down, or so I thought. things did not work out in the animals favor. The new fill in vet for that day thought she would try to save him at the cost of $500- I was not in the right frame of mind and so grief stricken that I was useless, and not the warrior I should have been. I returned home in complete shock, but thinking he was euthanized and I would come back in a couple hours to pk up his remains and pay the bill, as they were swamped that day. A call came in 4-hours later> actually asking me if I wanted to put my cat down?? Imagine my shock repeating itself.This action, or lack of I must stress, made the situation 10-times worse for my Maine Coon and myself.[I pray that all vets and animal caregivers will start making the right choices for the injured victims A Top Priority.]

    In the final analysis I discovered sadly that they tried to play God and that the new vet did secretly blame me for ‘ Zebediah’s condition” My pet paid the ultimate price, lingering in severe pain for many hours longer than he needed to. He was a Beautiful cat silver and black with a Beautiful ,Sweet personality who didn’t deserve to go that way. It has been over 6+years and I am still very angry. I would have paid her $500- to end his suffering the moment I walked in the clinic; if I had to do it all over.


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