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Unreasonable Veterinarian Makes Life Hell For Cats and Cat Owner — 12 Comments

  1. Absolutely shameful consider ing what goes on in slaughterhouse s and battery hens lives and vivisection the RSPCA just targeted this poor woman to gain public ity in my opinion,she gave these cats a LIfe!!!!!

  2. Hello, I just wanted to let people know that Julie is getting all three of her cats back today, after the RSPCA were forced to drop the final charge.
    On a small point, I would just like to clarify that, actually, the RSPCA does not have any special right to criminally prosecute. It launches private prosecutions which are available to anyone in the UK, if they have the money. The RSCA does seem to do this on an industrial scale, however – more than 4,000 private prosecutions last year. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Marco for commenting. Thank you for clarifying the position regarding the RSPCA on prosecutions. Also, I’m delighted to hear the good news. For me, it was a matter of common sense. For me the prosecutions were misconceived and should never have taken place.

  3. How awful the poor girl! Sounds like an absolute nightmare for the poor girl I hope she had someone to support her with all this going on!

  4. Poor Julie and poor cats! I think the PDSA run their service very badly. Instead of people with financial difficulties having to go and see a strange vet at one of their clinics, they should allow them to register with a local vet who would get to know the client and their pets. That vet could send the client’s account to the PDSA, so much simpler and safer too, because a strange vet who doesn’t know the client or the animals can’t know their circumstances either, or whether they are telling the truth or not!
    If the little dog I mentioned the other day had been treated there and then by our local vet rather than having to go to the nearest PDSA branch about 20 miles away he’d have still been alive! It cost the PDSA over £1000 because the dog had to keep on going back for more treatment because of the delay stitching him up, where as it would have only cost them around £300 that night and the dog would have recovered quickly.

  5. So did she get her cats back? Is everything ok now and do the RSPCA and the Vet feel ashamed of themselves?

    Sorry I didn’t follow what actually happened other than case mostly closed.

      • Has the vet in question been named and shamed?

        Because if not they should be right away.

        Using your power out of spite to hurt somebody and their animals is against what vets are supposed to do if not just for the sake of the cats.

        • Don’t think so Marc, seems she is hiding behind the PDSA name to my mind. Yes it’s bad calling the RSPCA in because owner and vet don’t agree on treatment. There’s not much more to get to know, probably because there is still a charge against her pending.

  6. Oh that’s a nasty story, so has Julie still got her three cats, is Ziggy ok, is he really blind? I’d like to know the end of the story, or at least what the state of things are at present. I just wonder if because the PDSA give out free treatment they adopt this officious attitude of treating the pet owner like an ignorant second class citizen, thinking maybe that the non paying person hasn’t the right to question them in their supreme position of a vet giving free care. And I wonder why the RSPCA leapt on the bandwagon so quickly when often they allow all sorts of cruelty and misery to get by unprosecuted.
    Do you know any more about all this Michael, or is it in the news I wonder.

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